BANG BANG My Baby Shot Me Down…

Originally Posted: November 05, 2007 

Well the Turner Firework Extravaganza lived up to it’s name – as usual the food was great and this year we even had a few real fireworks to liven up proceedings!

Not even a drab 1-0 home defeat for Millwall  😥  could dampen the excitement.

We were having our soup when we started perusing the box of fireworks – this years had a scientific theme (Potassium/Rhodium etc).

We plumped for Magnesium to start and watched as four red flares fired up into the air, then coughed as we were engulfed in smoke.  😆

Next door suddenly burst into life with a few big ones.

Dad retaliated with one of the rockets that came in the scientific box.

Tucking into our hot-dogs we had a few fountains – Rhodium (my choice ) was the best one and after many more fountains and flares (but no Traffic Lights ) Dad broke out the heavy guns, a pack of real fireworks!

Sadly I didn’t manage to capture them on film but can vouch they were the biggest fireworks the Turner display has EVER seen!

All in night a good night – and Mia slept through the whole thing! :mrgreen:


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