Film 2007 With GregHorrorShow

Originally Posted: 04 Oct 2007

Been watching quite a few films recently so thought I’d put down some mini reviews in case anyone else is thinking of watching them at any stage…
Red Rock West

I’m a big Nic Cage fan (Con Air anyone?) so I always Sky+ anything he’s in that I haven’t seen to be watched when I get the time. Some of the time this throws up a few stinkers but I was pleasantly surprised with Red Rock West.

It wasn’t really what I was expecting, it was much more of a thriller than I presumed it would be and it had a few great twists. Also Dennis Hopper was great – I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil the plotline for anyone.

GregHorrorShow – Rating: 7/10

Natural Born Killers

I’d been meaning to watch this one for ages but always seemed to miss it. I found the first hour and a quarter a bit hard going to be honest. There were a few clever plot devices and I liked the idea of it but until the introduction of Tommy Lee Jones and the climax of the film I wasn’t overly impressed.

I thought it was clever the way that the country became obsessed with them as celebrities and the film had some good themes but until the carnage at the end I struggled to get into it.

GregHorrorShow – Rating: 6/10


Heard about this film a while back – touted as ‘the new Donnie Darko’ by some – and I enjoyed it, although I wouldn’t say it was anywhere near Donnie Darko in terms of quality.

In fact it reminded me of a darker, more grown-up version of Bugsy Malone – as all these school kids go about their daily business of pushing drugs, gang warfare and fighting.

The story focuses on Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who is trying to solve the disappearance and eventual murder of his ex-girlfriend. To do so he has to infiltrate and take on the school crime syndicates – each of whom have their own agenda.

Nora Zehetner from Heroes has a substantial role in this and does well.

It’s like a new take on an old school detective movie and is pretty well shot. It feels like maybe it’s roots are in film noir, which isn’t a bad thing.

GregHorrorShow – Rating: 7/10

L.A. Confidential

I bought this on ex-rental VHS and never got around to watching it. It ended up going to charity when I got rid of loads of my old videos so I was pleased to finally see it!

First things first, this is a fairly long film (2 and a ¼ hrs) and while at times the pace dipped I enjoyed it from start to finish. Obviously there are a lot of big names in here: Kim Basinger, Danny DeVito, Guy Pearce, Kevin Spacey and Russell Crowe to name the main players, but it never feels overcrowded on screen and the chemistry between the characters is great.

This is one I thought I might not enjoy a whole deal but I was glad to be proved wrong.

GregHorrorShow – Rating: 7/10


Let me just mention that this was the first time I experimented with Sky Box Office. Click on what you want and they just charge you directly for it? Quality! 😀

Thoroughly enjoyed this film, right from the start. If you liked Momento then you should check this out. It’s a slightly different concept – it’s more supernatural but good fun.

Sandra Bullock does the usual homely wife role but with some marital problems chucked in for good measure it gives the character a bit more of a realistic feel. Julian McMahon (Charmed / Nip/Tuck) is good in the supporting role of husband.

Again this is one I don’t want to say too much on as I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone so I’ll leave it there.

Needless to say give it a whirl if you get the chance.

GregHorrorShow – Rating: 8/10
More reviews to follow as and when I watch stuff…


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