Originally Posted: September 06, 2007 

All over the news the last few days has been the story of how politicians are going to ban violent video games to help save humanity.

I am sick to the back teeth of this crap that rears its ugly head every now and again.  :roll:I remember back in the day, ‘Mortal Monday’ in September 1993. Playing Mortal Kombat round a friends house – ripping spines/hearts out, punching people’s heads off. Quality gaming and much fun. There was near hysteria when that came out because all us kids would be murdering before they could say ‘Finish Him’. I don’t recall hearing of that murder where the guy ripped the other person’s spine out? Do you?

This is all about a lack of understanding, from both the politicians and parents in general.

There is no cause to ban these games – why the hell shouldn’t I be allowed to play whatever game I want (as long as no-one was harmed making it).

This should be down to the parents – the same as they wouldn’t let a 10 year old watch Halloween, why let them play Grand Theft Auto – and the people selling the games in shops. Make the penalties harsher for people caught selling these to minors.

Maybe the government could make an ad explaining that not all games are made for children and that they should be vetted the same as a film would?

What really gets me though is that there isn’t actually much proof that playing these games would turn you into a serial killer / drug dealer. In fact the murder case the news keeps referring to with Manhunt has no fact in it whatsoever:

“The game was linked to the murder of Stefan Pakeerah, 14, by his friend Warren Leblanc, 17. Giselle Pakeerah, the victim’s mother, claimed that Leblanc had been ‘obsessed’ with the game after the former pleaded guilty in court. The police denied any such link between the game and the murder, citing drug-related robbery as the motive. The presiding judge also placed sole responsibility with Leblanc in his summing up after sentencing him to life.” (Wikipedia)

But I guess the kids mum thought she better blame that game rather than admit she had a scummy drug involved son? Maybe that’s all it was, that she couldn’t accept what her son was.

Yes it’s a nasty game but I can watch Hostel if I wanted to so why should they ban Manhunt?

Gaming is getting to the stage where everything is looking hyper-realistic – I’ve waited 20 years to be able to shoot/drive/fight in a realistic environment so if the politicians want to take that away now I have three words:


Rant Over.


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