‘Heroes Don’t Run’ + New PES2008 Stuff…

Originally Posted: 19 Oct 2007

How good was Heroes again this week? Seyler is one evil son of a gun – looks like he has found the perfect way to get what he wants.

Anyone else find Mohinder a bit annoying? Oi mate, get a power or sod off  😀

Poor old Claire – everything seems to be going wrong for her at the mo – and I think Ando is going to find himself in trouble soon without Hiro.

Took me three hours to get to work this morning – one small coating of frost and the whole train line shuts down 😡 

Played some more PES2008 last night – started a master league (career mode for those who don’t know) and its great! A few more observations on the game:

The presentation of the master league is great and the menus look very good. It now gives you updates on players with messages like: so-and-so is looking jaded and needs to be rested. You also get a popularity ranking (both as a club and for individual players – presumably if a players ranking gets too high they might ask for a transfer?).

I did random and got FC Utrecht so not the best team and it doesn’t help my defending has been shocking. You really can’t just take any player out to cover – if one of your CBTs goes out to the wing and the oppo gets a cross in their forward is literally on his own to head/blast home. Its great, you have to think about if its worth the risk or just to stick with the man in the box – the latter is reccomended.

Also if the cpu is winning in stoppage time the cheeky buggers run it to the corner flag and shield the ball!!!

Fatigue seems to play a much bigger role as well – there is now an icon above your head (same as a booking but red) to let you know who’s on their last legs – I’m five or six games into my season and in the last game at least five of my team were on red by the 60 minute mark; one was even done in on 37 mins (had to sub him) but that’s probably my fault for not checking the energy levels before I started.

Ah and some good news – replays weren’t as bad last night as the first time I played HOWEVER what concerned me was that it tended to jitter the more players there were.

So far the record stands at w1 d3 l2 – the two defeats were Celtic and Betiskas, the top two teams. All the games have been close and I gifted Celtic two of their three goals in the 3-2 defeat 😥

Not great but it could be worse – I’m tenth out of twenty so plenty to build on as three teams get promoted.

I’m hoping to get PES online this weekend, been having trouble with the ports – only for this game though!

Been listening to Beth Rowley this week – fantastic, check her out

Also have a watch of the great Wallis Bird video for upcoming single ‘Blossoms In The Street’:


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