Payton from DOWNTOWN!!!

Originally Posted: 10 Oct 2007 

Firstly, a small rant: when the train arrives at Victoria each morning I’ve noticed a small but select group of businessmen who find it necessary to walk through the entire train rather than get off and walk with everyone else.

Although this strikes me as somewhat stupid I used to just laugh at them as I caught them up further down at the barriers – wasn’t that much quicker was it mate?

But over the last two weeks they have started getting aggressive – shoving past people that are still getting their belongings together etc. in their madcap attempt to shave 3 seconds off the time it takes to walk down the platform.  😡

I’m quite tempted to trip one of them up as revenge, the worst one is this old guy of about 60/70 who’s old enough to know better. Maybe he thinks if he goes as fast as he can time will start going backwards and he can recapture his wasted youth.

Whatever, it’s annoying so PLEASE stop it.

Anyway, on to more pressing matters – namely the purchase of some new (well pre-owned) PS3 games to get to grips with. I felt I needed a few more two player games as I only have one non driving two player game: Virtua Tennis. I’m not including Rainbow Six because you’d need a 60″ TV to see that split screen!

So I picked up NBA2K7 and NHL2K7. (I know they’re last years but I don’t know the sports so the ‘rosters’ won’t bother me).

I am mightily impressed.

Firstly NBA – obviously a big step up in graphics since I last played a basketball game (PSOne – NBA Live: Gary Payton for the Sonics – those were the days) but the whole presentation is great.

The basic controls are fairly quick to pick up but it takes a few games to get to grips with the main controls you need. Played 5 matches, won 1 lost 4 although 2 of the defeats were close – the other two were ass kickings

Hopefully be able to get online with this soon.

NHL – it’s a return of style that’s similar to EA’s mid-nineties classic NHL games. Great fun although the controls on this are even more difficult to pick up.

Having said that you do get a sense of pride when you get the hang of it and you fire one in from long range. Season mode seems cool – with player awards and what have you at the end of the season (if I ever make it that far?)

These two will tide me over until PES2008, which I cannot wait for.

Also a quick word on a show that I’ve just discovered but runs for nine seasons – The King Of Queens.

This is great fun – Ben Stiller’s dad is comedy gold in this and the chemistry between the characters is very good. There have been a few things I’ve noticed that were scarily similar to myself and my wife – I’m getting these on Sky+ daily from Paramount Comedy1 in case you fancy checking it out.

Heroes tonight – it’s starting to get good now. Christopher Eccleston was quality last week. Just wondering if he’s gonna end up being good or evil…


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