Remember Remember The… Erm… 3rd Of November.

Originally Posted: October 30, 2007

Well Firework Night is almost upon us and that means it’s nearly time for the Turner Firwork ExtravaganzaTM

This usually involves two boxes of Fireworks (both exactly the same of course ) and plenty of food.

The menu consists of soup in a cup (not a cup-a-soup however!) to start with and then jacket potatoes, chicken nuggets, hotdogs and then ‘Smores’ for dessert.

In between ‘courses’ there will be many fireworks (fountains mainly) that don’t really live up to their devastating sounding names. Imagine my disappointment when last year ‘Armageddon’ turned out to a small red flame that burned for about 15 seconds. 😆

Obviously we all take turns to pick a firework out – it starts to get tactical by the second box as you know which ones are better than others. No-one wants to be left with ‘Traffic Lights’.

Then there’s the health and safety risk that is my Dad – the man who doesn’t comprehend ‘Don’t Go Back To A Lit Firework’. He’s always rushing back to re-light it and then it goes off, despite our pleas not to bother.

A couple of years ago he didn’t put one in the floor properly and it fell over and proceeded to fire at us – my wife still reminds me every now and again about how I saved myself by getting behind her

But last year was the funniest by far (not at the time though) – he hammered the Catherine Wheel too far into the fence so it wouldn’t spin. It just stayed in the same place… burning. Best option would be to get some water and put it out so the fence didn’t set alight, or at the very least leave it to burn out.

But what’s that? Oh don’t worry Dad’s just trying to make it move by hitting it in the direction it should be spinning WITH THE HAMMER  😮


I swear I went deaf for about 30 seconds and I honestly thought he may have been blown up but there he was, emerging from the smoke with a grin on his face.

God only knows what he’s got in store this year, all I know is it’ll be great fun and we’ll all enjoy it – we always do. 😀


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