Save The Cheerleader, Save The World…

Originally Posted: 17 Sep 2007

Peter Petrelli: Are you the one? Saving you, did I save the world?
Claire Bennet: I don’t know. I’m just a cheerleader…

How good is Heroes?  8)

I can’t remember the last time I was actually excited about a TV show and can’t wait to see it each week. I quite enjoyed Primeval at the beginning of this year but Heroes is different class.

My only concern is how long it can run for before it turns to crap. I didn’t watch Lost but by all accounts it should’ve been wrapped up in two seasons rather than stretching it out.

I suppose with Heroes they can introduce new characters a lot easier as it’s not set in an isolated location.

The characters are all well fleshed out and believable – Hiro is still my favourite, I love the fact he’s taking ‘Hero’s Honour’ so seriously.

Saw the trailer for Iron Man recently and I have to take back everything I said about Robert Downey Jr – he looks like a great fit as Tony Stark. I only have a limited knowledge of the story as I’ve never read it but any film that can fit a Sabbath classic into the trailer is ok with me!

Just a quick word on more topical matters – the McCanns versus the World. What on Earth is going on? Why have normally rational people gone insane?

Several people I’ve discussed it with are completely unwilling to consider that the parents may have anything to do with it.

I thought something was strange from the start but my inkling was it may have been to do with the McCanns friends who were there.

Anyway, I’ll guess we’ll wait and see but in all the recent press (and I wish ‘Team McCann’ would shut the hell up – the police mixed up the labels on the DNA? Give me a break, this isn’t Hollyoaks  😡 ) it seems to have been forgotten that whether the parents are innocent or not a child is missing (and sadly I think she’s already dead).  😥

I hope this gets sorted for good sooner rather than later – and I suspect a lot of people are going to be left with egg on their faces.

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