Stimpson Emerges As Potential Manager…

Originally Posted: October 24, 2007

So its our first ‘big’ game of the season on Saturday – Leeds Utd away from home, and another encounter with Dennis Wise, our former manager.

We’ve struggled so far this season, mainly down to the fact we sold Darren Byfield and that Gary Alexander hasn’t got onto the scoresheet too much. However our 2-1 win against Bournemouth at the weekend has lifted us out of the relegation places.

Willie Donachie, sacked as manager a few weeks ago, had to leave really – his lack of tactical nous and his inability to make the right substitutions cost us a lot of points. Recently we haven’t been setting the world alight but we look fairly solid and that’s a start.

Personally I’d like to see Mickey Adams as the new manager. He has done a good job at this level and we need someone experienced to steady the ship and get us up the table.

Martin Allen has been dismissed by some fans due to his West Ham connections and a comment he made about a patriotic/racist (delete as appropriate, I haven’t seen it) flag at a Brentford game. For me if he can do a job and get us up then give him a shot.

Mark Stimson, who was one of the brightest non-league managers around until he quit Stevenage last week, has been quoted as saying he is holding off on Port Vale and the Pikies because Millwall have expressed an interest. Its been a while since we were seen as an attractive option! Perhaps he might be worth a go despite his lack of experience at this level – look what Dowie did for Palarse a few years ago.

Whoever comes in its nice to see the club taking a bit of time and weighing up some good managers.

I still don’t think Dennis Wise was a great manager for us – or is one now. He was brilliant as a player for us, I don’t recall having such an influential player on the pitch for a long time.

But anyone couldve got us to that cup final – Sunderland were the only decent team we played. Ray Wilkins had a hugely negative effect on the team as we were overly defensive. One upfront in the cup final? Bloody hell we lost 3-0 anyway, at least we couldve had a go!

Wise somehow managed to get a very good Leeds side relegated – good grief, with that squad they shouldve been in the playoffs at least. Yes they are rocking it now but look at the opposition – us League One’ers are hardly the elite are we?

Dennis Wise will get them promoted and they will go on to further success – they have the history and the money to lure big players.

Anyone could do it and I stand by my belief that Wise will not cut it at a higher level of management.

He might not be a good manager but that won’t save us Saturday – I have a feeling it’ll be a case of keep the score down and plan for the next game! 😆


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