The Fall Of The ‘Train-Walkers’

Originally Posted: 12 Oct 2007

Well well well – revenge is sweet.  😀

In my last blog I mentioned the odd people (I now refer to them as the ‘train-walkers’) who feel the need to walk through the train (as aggressively as possible) when it stops rather than get off with everyone else. I was planning on taking them down, maybe tripping one up (I’m joking of course).

I’m pleased to announce that the other morning I found a way to force them off the train without resorting to any threat or violence.

My wife was taking our daughter into her old office to show her off and introduce her to one of her colleague’s children who was born on the same day. They got the train in with me in the morning. I’d already told my wife about the ‘train-walkers’ and about a stop before we arrived it hit me.

“I’m gonna put the buggy up across the aisle,” I said with glee, “then the buggers won’t be able to get past.”

“You’re a bit passive/aggressive aren’t you?” Asked my wife.

But nothing could dampen my spirits and when the train stopped and our carriage emptied I put the buggy up in the aisle and we laid the baby in there.

Someone came through, paused – unsure what to do – and then got off. Yes!

Then another, same response. Quality! In your face train-walker!

But I wanted the one. Everyday he does it. ‘The Old Man.’

As I sneaked a peek behind me I saw “The Old Man’, the ringleader. I turned back to the buggy and the doors at the end of the carriage opened with a whoosh. I leant over the buggy, pretendng to adjust something.

‘The Old Man’ had no choice but to get off. Victory!  😆

However it was short lived as he got back on at the next set of doors – there is no way on God’s earth that would be quicker – confirming my suspicions that they are all mad and perhaps I should leave them, having won the battle but lost the war.


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  1. Great band, the train walkers.

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