The Golden Age – Right Now I’d Say!

Originally Posted: 16 Oct 2007

Went to an advance screening of Elizabeth: The Golden Age last night.

I was quite looking forward to it even though it wasn’t the usual sort of film I would watch. I really liked the poster and was quite sold.

I enjoyed the film a great deal, it was well shot (although perhaps a few less shots through stained glass/holes in the wall wouldve been nice), had a great soundtrack (yes I helped clear music for it – give a guy a break ) and was superbly acted – Cate Blanchett and Clive Owen in particular were great.

I was discussing with a friend afterwards and we both said we’d like to know how historically accurate it was – there didn’t seem to be anything particularily unrealistic in it. In fact the most unbelievable bit (the battle) is something that is definitely historical fact!

Best of all it weighed in at just under two hours – my perfect film length.

It has to be something pretty special to keep my attention for a lot longer than that. Golden Age did lull in a few places but overall the pacing was pretty good and it really picked up towards the end.
Overall well worth a watch.

Greg Horror Show Rating: 7/10


Managed to get the PS3 online this weekend as well and dipped my toe in the ocean of online gaming.

Started off with Colin McRae: Dirt as it was in the machine (lazy I know).

With Dirt you don’t actually see who you are racing against – you complete the rally stages at the same time but the only indicator you have is the numerical position in the top right-hand corner. Still it was good fun, although it seemed to be the most difficult stages that I hadn’t ever played before. Best position was 10th out of 15/16 in five or six races.

Next I tried NHL2K7 – sadly there wasn’t one person online. So I switched to, NBA2K7 instead and found that most the guys online were experts with hundreds of games under their belts. Managed to find someone who had a record of 6 wins and 5 losses. He kicked my ass 97-42 but it was good fun and to be fair he was a lot better than me. When it got to the last 40 seconds or so I was just trying to stop him getting to 100!  😳

Next up was Motorstorm – now this is online racing at its best.
Played 6 races and won one of them. There was another race where I was 3rd right up until the end, when I lost control while boosting and hit a boulder (ouch). Ended up 5th. I’m still ranked as a ‘Zero’. I need to get off that ranking soon – it doesn’t exactly inspire you with confidence.  😆

I haven’t tried Rainbow Six yet as I think you’d need a headset to communicate – after all you wouldn’t take a deaf soldier on the battlefield would you? It would be crazy without a headset as you wouldn’t be able to understand what was going on or what they wanted you to do.

But all this could be irrelevant within a week or so as Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 will be in my PS3 and it will take some going to get it out of there!

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