The Name “Agent 47” Is Just A Whisper On The Lips Of The Dead…

Originally Posted: 27 Jun 2007 

Alexander Leland Cayne: “You’re my friend… so I’ll let you have the number. But as your friend… I beg you not to use it. He’ll get the job done… he always does. But you can’t call him off. There’s no duel… no time-out. Blood can’t be unspilled. Once you call that number… blood is on your hands.”I see the trailer for the Hitman film has finally arrived.

To be honest I didn’t even know they had confirmed the actor playing Agent 47. Last I heard it was rumoured to be Vin Diesel (praise the Lord that one never happened – I don’t mind Vin Diesel in general but just because he’s bald doesn’t mean he could play the role) so I was surprised to see they ended up with Timothy Olyphant, who I last saw in “Go” way back in the day.

Apparently he is also in Die Hard 4.0 so he could become fairly recognizable over the course of the year.

Having watched the trailer I like the look of the film (although the white dove thing is so far past a cliché it’s untrue) and will certainly give him the benefit of the doubt as Agent 47 before judging (unlike quite a few people on the world wide web, it seems).

I really hope this lives up to the subject material – I only played the last game ‘Hitman: Blood Money’ but it was superb. Fun to play and fairly open ended in it’s mission structure.

The shot of Agent 47 from behind with both pistols is VERY cool.


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