“There Are Some People On The Pitch, They Think It’s All Over…”

Originally Post: 03 Jul 2007 

“It Is Now.”

Only it isn’t.

We are now into Day 11 of ‘overtime’ on the baby front and it’s been a very strange last two weeks or so.

Friday 22nd June was the due date and everything had been geared up for that date – my reckoning being that if it didn’t come Friday it would surely appear at some stage over the weekend.

Friday came and went. Saturday came and went (with a few twinges). It got to Sunday afternoon and the realisation hit me that if the baby didn’t show up that evening I would have to go back to work on the Monday.

I’d been so caught up in the due date I hadn’t really thought about that – I felt like I’d booked two weeks off then got a call on the Sunday afternoon telling me I had to come in Monday after all.

Well the baby never came and I’ve been on tenterhooks ever since – particularly when I’m in work as it’s a two hour trip back home and I don’t want to leave my wife for too long on her own if she’s in labour!

During the first few days that the baby was overdue I likened the delay to watching a Millwall match – in the lead right up until the 95th minute then concede right at the death and have to suffer extra time.

I can confirm that at 11 Days this is a record duration for extra time. Even the worst periods of extra time at Millwall have never seemed this long.

The only difference here being at the end of extra time we’ll get a result – whereas with Millwall it’s almost always likely to end in tears… and not tears of joy! 😀


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