Vegas Baby! Yeah!

Originally Posted: August 29, 2007

Well the PS3 has arrived in my vicinity, ended up getting one in the Bank Holiday sale – still set me back a cool £375 though. I traded in all the games/films I got with it (Stealth? Academy Award Winner Jamie Foxx hang your head in shame 😆 ) and used the cash to buy Rainbow Six Vegas yesterday.

Now I’m not particularly interested in war or the army but this one blew me away (excuse the pun). Obviously the graphics were amazing but it just felt… well real, as crazy as that sounds.

Not real in the way a war would play out, I suppose real as in the TV version of war.

I’ve never played a game before when you can back up against a wall and just put only your gun round the side and fire blindly at the enemy. Sure you don’t hit them it’s more of a distraction but cool as. It’s the sort of thing you see on TV all the time but (to my knowledge) it hasn’t featured in many / any games before.

I opened a door to confront two ‘terrorists’ and dropped them with a shot to the head each – and that was cool. Not in a ‘now I want to kill in real life way’ but it a Jason Bourne way. 8)

I only played it for a while so haven’t even got up to the part where you start order other soldiers around. ‘Blow that door up,’ ‘shoot that terrorist,’ ‘make me a coffee’ etc Ok so I made the last one up (would be nice if it was in there though).

The others games I have played have been mixed – Formula 1 was pretty good, but no save points between qualifying and racing? Jeez, what they think people are gonna sit and play for hours (oh they do, ok then). Genji is a hack n slash which looked great but paled in comparison to PS2’s God Of War series.

The other highlight was Motorstorm, really enjoyed that. And nice to finally play it properly after working on the music for it quite a while back. Looking forward to playing that online as well.

When the PS3 first arrived I wasn’t tempted as there didn’t seem to be any major titles for it but my hand has been forced by the (almost) imminent arrival of PES 2008 and I’m hoping to be fully online by the time that arrives.

Also looking down the release schedule there seems to be hope of some good titles: Assassins Creed, Army Of Two, Time Crisis 4 (with light gun – cooool), Guitar Hero 3, Metal Gear 4, Colin McRae’s Dirt (still think that sounds like a really dodgy title)… I could go on, well I couldn’t really but that should be enough for anyone to be getting on with.

Now where did I put that Stun Grenade…  😀


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