Veronica Mars – Future Encounters?

Originally Posted: 02 Oct 2007

Keith: So, you going to the homecoming dance?
Troy: Oh yes, sir, if that’s okay with you.
Keith: Oh, of course. And after the dance?
Troy: Well I think that Veronica said that she had to be right home after.
Keith: Yeah, good. And you’re gonna stay for the whole dance. I mean, you’re not gonna leave early and go to a party or a hotel, and still make it back by curfew?
Troy: No, uh, I mean, the whole point of going to the dance… is to go to the dance.
Keith: Good. Good. So you won’t mind then, that I canceled your reservation at the Four Seasons?

Finally starting watching the Veronica Mars DVD I ordered from the States a few months back – good stuff. Nice snappy dialogue, good characters – it’s a little bit ‘high school’ but what the hell. Love the relationship between Veronica and her Dad, very amusing. Although it makes me wonder whether I’ll be having similar conversations in the future now I have a daughter!

Been watching some great TV recently – Heroes, Veronica Mars, Ghost Whisperer, the odd episode of Hogan Knows Best, King Of Queens and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip to name a few. Also stumbled across the genius of Flight Of The Conchords at the weekend. Basically your average comedy sitcom until they burst into song every now and again.

Check it:

Great stuff!

After moaning for so long about how rubbish tele is it’s been nice to get caught up in watching some decent programmes for a change.

That’s inbetween gaming of course.

Colin McRae Dirt is really enjoyable, considering I wouldn’t normally go for the rally type of game. It has other styles of racing now as well which I suppose broadens the appeal. I’m quite looking forward to getting online at some stage in the next week or so.

Still toying with the idea of playing it from the in car perspective all the time but it makes the game extremely hard!

Still loving Rainbow Six – made an absolute shambles of a mission last night and sent my men straight to their deaths. A little bit more planning helped and eventually ‘we’ kicked the terrorists arses (at the fifth attempt 😆 ). Luckily the US can win any war just by turning up so occasionally during this game I have felt a bit like Team America.

Got a copy of Heavenly Sword yesterday and played a few levels – pretty impressive, only problem being that as I’d played through the second half of God Of War 2 last week I’m a bit hack n slashed out.

Now there’s a game that should be quality… God Of War 3…  8)


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