Get Your Motor Running…

Originally Posted: November 15, 2007

Well it’s old school rules this week as I’ve been getting stuck into Road Rash 2 on the PSP while travelling to and from work.

What a game, fantastic gameplay, even if the graphics haven’t dated that well.

It’s one of gaming’s great feelings – as you fly past an opponent and swing a chain at their head… oh happy days. *Sighs*  😀

I’ve managed to save up enough cash to get the non-nitro version of the bike I always wanted:

Oh yes – now I just need to get enough cash to upgrade to the one with nitro and I’ll be a happy ‘rasher.’

Sadly at the moment I’m haemorrhaging cash because I keep wrecking my bike.

The races have gone from 6 miles to 12 miles and have started to get quite tactical – should you get involved in fighting opponents or just try to motor on by?

These are the dilemmas I face amongst my fellow commuters on my journey’s in and out of London.

I was thinking the other day this is a game that deserves to be re-made and while I think it could benefit from a next gen touch up, I’m starting to wonder whether some games are best left alone…

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