iPod M.I.A

Originally Posted: November 28, 2007

I have found myself in a sort of musical no-mans land this week, having left my ipod at my mum and dads whilst visiting them at the weekend.  😥

Now I felt a pang of disappointment when I realized I’d forgotten to pick it up but thought it wouldn’t be a problem, they could return it when they came this weekend.

What I wasn’t expecting was how much I’ve missed my shiny black jukebox.

Now I have to sit listening to other people nattering on (either to a fellow pessanger or into their mobile) when I would normally be observing the view from the window accompanied by Dio or perhaps some Wallis Bird.

Being someone that loves music I’m always chucking my ipod on when I travel to/from work, it’s been two days of the longest journeys of my life.

And I missed out on my usual post-gig routine – whenever I see a gig I make sure I have the bands latest album on my ipod to revist on the way home. Imagine my horror Monday afternoon when I realised I wouldn’t have any Queens Of The Stone Age on the way home after the (frankly great) gig.

As I write this on the train I’ve got some bint shouting her head off in a typical Swanley brogue: “I’m aht all weekend mahm” she’s yelling repeatedly like some demented Amy Winehouse-a-like. I’ll be honest, none of this usually bothers me; with my little earphones in, nodding along to my music.

Right now I’m willing to push her off and shut the doors behind her – so a word to the wise, music lovers – for goodness sake make sure you have your ipod (or other musical device) with you at all times when taking public transport. Not only for your own sanity but the safety of those around you who may end up being dumped off the train while you hum “Ace Of Spades” to yourself.  👿


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