It’s Been A Long Time…

Originally Posted: December 09, 2008

Well it’s certainly been a while…

We’re approaching Christmas now and I thought maybe I should reboot the old blog before the new year starts!

There has been plenty of great stuff around so I’ll break them up into a few blogs so it’s not overly long.

Let’s start with TV:

My Name Is Earl – well they certainly pulled out all the stops this series and with the introduction of Billie (Alyssa Milano) gave Earl a real love interest.  Some great episodes and hopefully they can carry this form into the new ones.

Heroes – speaking of re-booting, the writers have done a proper job on Heroes, lots of characters seemingly dropped (Micah, the girl who could copy anything etc) and a good ole’ stand up evil v good fight. Much better – the new characters are cool as well, Daphne and her speed: 😎

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – So glad this didn’t get the axe during the writer’s strike. Again a strong season although I was a bit “isn’t that Shirley Manson from Garbage’ at first. Nice to see she’s got some work on the side. Impressive stuff from Lena Hadley as Sarah Connor – always going to be difficult taking on such a well known role but she does a great job.

King Of Queens – Not actually still on but I’m catching the final season on Sky+ courtesy of Paramount Comedy’s Sunday Stacks (where they show a whole season in one day). Love this programme and I’ll be sad to have finally seen every episode but I’m sure I’ll catch repeats over time. Jerry Stiller is an absolute legend. 😀

Charmed – We also made it to the end of Charmed which ended in a nice cheesy fashion but was fairly apt overall. This was good popcorn TV – stuff you could watch without engaging too much grey matter and I still think some of the comedic elements were overlooked at the time. Some of the episodes are (intentionally) funny and it was a good watch.

The Secret Show – This started as something that was on in the background on a Saturday morning while we were playing with our daughter but it soon sank it’s hooks in. The ridiculously catchy theme tune and the comedy gold of Changed Daily mean this is one kids show I’ll be watching for a while.

Ghost Whisperer – After a slow start the latest season really kicked into gear. Only complaint was changing Ned from an 11 year old to a 16 year old in the space of one episode… like we wouldn’t notice?! The revelations came thick and fast and the just when you thought it was a happy season ending there was a late late twist which got the goosebumps up!

Dr Horrible – Not technically TV but great fun nevertheless and the magic of Joss Whedon continues. This low budget show was made by Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion – absolute brilliance and the songs stayed with me for a long time after as well. Shout out to Felicia Day as well, which brings me on to…

The Guild – Discovered this webisode drama following on from Felicia being in Dr Horrible. A funny story of the way MMO gamers perceive themselves and what happens when they actually meet up in real life. 2nd Season is just about to start so I’m looking forward to that as well.


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