Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune… QUALITY!

Originally Posted:  November 28, 2007 

Was stunned to discover I’d completely overlooked the Playstation Store a few days ago when a friend tipped me off about a demo of the highly anticipated Uncharted: Drakes Fortune.

I knew there was a Playstation Store but for some reason it never occurred to me that there might be free stuff on it!

*WARNING* This demo takes (literally) hours to load so may be worth leaving your PS3 on overnight to download it.

So anyway the game loads up and you get a great looking cut scene of you and your partner flying a small plane which gets shot down over the jungle. You get seperated and the level begins.

Pretty much just like that – you are on your own in the middle of a beautiful jungle. Well, we all know looks aren’t everything but my word this game looks amazing. I run chest high through a stream, brilliant water effects but what got me was that his clothes were wet after he got out for the next few minutes! It looked fantastically real.

Enough about the looks, I wouldn’t be praising this game at all if the gameplay was shoddy, which I’m pleased to say it wasn’t.

There were a couple of bits involving climbing up to higher sections to progress. The climbing mechanic is great and the character animation looks convincing. It really felt as if the guy was jumping from ledge to ledge. Not one single ‘comedy’ event happened during that bit which was nice. Usually the character stumbles blindly off the edge of.a ledge you can’t see because of a dodgy camera angle etc.

As you make your way through the jungle you encounter bad guys who are taken out with R1, using L1 to aim. All sounds complex but it soon becomes natural.

One thing I did initially have a few problems with was the cover system. Circle pushes you back to back with whatever object/wall is in front of you. Then you have to hold aim and fire as usual. Took me a few tries of painfully trying to keep circle held as well to realise you only need to PRESS circle to do this not hold it!!

The baddies go down theatrically in movie style – but just a quick point for the developers… One head shot is usually enough to kill someone.

The AI seems to be fairly good – although there were a few ‘Kamakazi’ bad guys who left their cover to charge straight to where I was.

The close quarters combat was ace. Using combinations of triangle, square and circle (seemingly in whatever order you want) you can unleashed a volley of punches, elbows, kicks etc that can disarm or knock out your opponent! Makes Heavenly Swords ‘press square three times for a combo’ look a bit cack.

I didn’t actually finish the demo (just joined a PES league and needed some practice!) so I will report back if I uncover any more features or points of interest.

Overall very impressed – especially as this is just a demo. This is one game I will definitely be picking up when it comes out.

As games become more developed and move further into the realms of HD our enjoyment of games is going to increase greatly – we will find ourselves even more attached to the characters and we will start to (hopefully) see more game directors come to the fore like their film counterparts. At the moment the only one that springs to mind is the ever genius Hideo Kojima of Metal Gear Solid fame.

As that starts to happen, hold on to your hats folks – ’cause we’re in for one hell of a ride!


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