Whammy Bars, Snapped Strings, Jaeger And Hustling Girls…

Originally Posted: November 08, 2007

Went to the launch party for Guitar Hero 3 last night. Held in Hoxton at the Bar and Grill – very nice.

Luckily we were down there fairly early so managed to get a few games in.

What can I say? The graphics are obviously a big step up, the characters look more realistic and less cartoony. All the rest is same old same old – just looks prettier in HD.

The real highlight was the new Battle mode. Basically it’s the same as Pro Face Off but instead of Star Power you receive ‘tricks’ that can be used against your opponent.

These vary from the annoying but managable Amp Overload which makes the notes flicker right through to the almost impossible Lefty Flip (or Righty Flip if you’re already a lefty), which reverses your fret as you’re playing!

These bonuses only last ten seconds or so but it gets really tactical. Best thing is to save them until your opponent is hitting a few stars then hit them with a trick to stop them getting one for themselves!

Other good ones are snapping a string on their guitar (leaving them to repeatedly hit the corresponding button to fix it), breaking their Whammy (resulting in some frantic Whammying to get your guitar back online), the trick that increases their difficulty up a notch and one that doubles the notes they have to play (that one was ridiculous (in a good way) even on Medium).

They had girls coming round with Jaegermeister so I gave it a try – to be honest I wasn’t impressed but I think that’s more to do with the fact that that type of drink is best suited when you’ve had 6 or 7 drinks not the 4 beers I’d had.

Also one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages was this girl who completely hustled this guy. The bloke had been on there for ages and was really cocky – strutting and the like. She persuaded his mate to let her have a go and was like ‘what button is it to start?’ to the cocky guy, ‘I’ll just leave it on hard if that’s what you’re doing’ etc.

She absolutely pasted him – we were almost doubled up with laughter at our table. She barely missed a note and he trudged off with his guitar strap firmly between his legs afterwards. Absolutely brilliant and possibly the best hustle I’ve ever seen!  😀

After all that Guitar Hero 3 has gone from being a possible purchase to a must have – if only for the Battle Mode!

Veitchy and Howell – watch out because lunchtimes may never be the same again! 👿

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