Resident Evil 5 Demo – First Impressions…


That’s my very first impression.

He can’t reload or aim at the same time as moving? I know men can’t multi-task but you’ve got to be kidding me. 🙂

Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by the slick and fluid control system used on Dead Space.

I’m sure with more time and the finished product the controls will become easier to get used to – there is talk of a control set being included with the full game that allows you to move and fire at the same time, which would be good.

My main problem with this is that it shatters the illusion of the game world – I’m no skilled marksman but if I was overrun with people trying to kill me I’d make sure I could run and reload at the same time!

Graphically the game looks great and the movements of the characters is smooth, whether it’s Chris reloading his gun or him giving Sheva a boost, it all looks and feels brilliant.

Speaking of Sheva – I sure hope they up the AI in the main game because it’s bad enough having to look after myself, let alone someone who feels the need to stand right in front of me when I’m trying to shoot someone.


The ability to help her out if she gets grabbed or have her help you out is a nice touch so hopefully the Co-op nature of the gameplay will be fun rather than an annoyance.

There is a well developed sense of panic which comes as you are swamped by enemies – in even greater number than Resident Evil 4 judging by this demo. 😮

Reading this back I feel like it’s a negative first impression when it really wasn’t. I enjoyed my time with the game and think it will be great to play when I get my hands on it.


I think it’s just that the lack of movement during aiming/reloading is quite rare these days and the lack of control it forces on the player is more of an annoyance than something that heightens the tension.

I’ll definitely still be picking this up and look forward to the challenges presented.


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