Killzone 2 Demo – Thoughts…

Short but extremely sweet is probably the best way to describe the Killzone 2 demo released on the EU PSN earlier today.

My first playthrough clocked at 17 mins and the second 15 mins. Just enough to leave you wanting plenty more.

Graphically the game looks amazing 😎 , I suspect the best I have seen although longer with the finished product will confirm.

A couple of gripes…

Firstly what’s up with the jerkiness of the menu screens? Twitching every time I select an option is a recipe for a headache (literally) if ever I saw one.  😥

Secondly on a few occasions while the next part of the level was loading the game froze momentarily. I sincerely hope having the main game installed on your HD will eliminate this from the final version because having the world’s best graphics won’t mean much if the game is a stop start experience.

That said these are small issues to moan about in the context of the demo.

The shooting is excellent and the use of the zoomed in aim is essential to survival. The weapons have a different feel and I’m still trying to work out whether I preferred your own gun or the Helghast one!

Overall very impressive and it has done it’s job in confirming Killzone 2 as an essential purchase when it’s released later this month.


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