I Am Legend – Review

I got this as (an unasked for) gift for Christmas. It was one of those films that I remember hearing about long before it came out and thinking it sounded cool but after seeing the trailer/reviews I didn’t bother checking it out.

To be honest I don’t think I missed out on much.

The opening 15 minutes or so, showing Will Smith in isolation in New York is the best part of the film. The sense of loneliness is displayed superbly by Smith as he hunts down live stock on the streets of the Big Apple.

It turns out most of the population have been turned into sort of mutant creatures, that only come out at night, by a virus that was initially expected to cure cancer.

As Smith descends towards slight showings of madness another survivor and her son emerge. They are on their way to a survivor’s. Commune in Vermont – but Smith doubts the communes existance.

We are treated to some flashbacks of the outbreak – the scene featuring the destruction of the bridges out of New York was impressive 😎 – to plump up Smith’s backstory.

The end of the film was a touch too cheesy for my liking – although we were spared the all singing all dancing Hollywood ending, which was a relief.

Will Smith is excellent and needs to be, as he is on his own for a huge chunk of the film.

I don’t think I would recommend anyone to watch this film, it wasn’t particularily bad – I just feel there are a lot of better films out there that have a similar storyline.

If you think the story sounds interesting I’d suggest checking out 28 Days Later, which is similar but far superior to I Am Legend.

Rating: 5/10

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