Killzone 2 – Initial Thoughts

So I managed to get my hands on a (legal) copy of Killzone 2 yesterday and last night played through the first two levels.

Let’s start off with the bad…

The main failing for me in the game is the stutter as parts of the level load up. Why couldn’t they have just sorted an install on the hard drive like every other game? It’s a minor issue but really when you look at the production values of the game itself it jars with everything else. šŸ˜”

Only other thing I had a problem with from my time with it was that while your buddies AI is realistic with taking cover, backing off etc a few times they just stood still in front of me in a corridor. Obviously waiting for me to trigger the next scene but being stuck behind them. (Tip: L1 to melee attack them round the back of the head and they soon move šŸ˜€ )

That was it for the gripes and to be honest I think it’s mainly the high expectations the game has set itself that made these stick out.

However Killzone 2 is an absolute blast – I had read how hardcore the enemies are but experiencing it first hand is brilliant.

They take cover, give each other covering fire and actually advance from cover to cover towards you unless you keep them pinned in. šŸ˜®

You go in guns blazing and you’re dead. Simple as.

For any sort of accuracy you’ll need the zoomed in view for your gun. The normal view is more for scatter fire and should only be used in close quarters – or panic moments šŸ˜†

Obviously mutli-player isn’t up and running yet so haven’t been able to test that out – although I suspect that is where the majority of gameplay will come for Killzone 2.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opening couple of levels and I will hopefully get stuck into this more at the weekend and let you know how things go (spoiler free of course!). šŸ˜Ž

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