Army Of Two – Review

Army of Two was released back in March 2008 but it was one of those games that I got and then never actually played through it.

Finally got a spare few weeks to give it a proper go and following on from several games involving aliens/monsters it was a welcome relief to be shooting people again 🙂

Salem and Rios are guns for hire – private contractors that go in and sort out the crap that the army or whoever can’t deal (or can’t be seen dealing) with.

There is convoluted conspiracy theory plotline but to be perfectly honest the story isn’t really the main attraction here – it’s all about the carnage. 😀

Army of Two is like playing an ultra violent cartoon. Your character is pretty much impenatrable – but when you do run out of health your colleague will find you and revive you. It’s a good system that keeps the game flowing although it reduces the difficulty somewhat. I think I only fully died 6 or 7 times in the whole game which is pretty low (for me 😆 )

You also control your colleague via a simple d-pad press and he is usually spot on responding to whatever command you issue – although one thing I did notice was he’s a little too good at advancing, often leaving you miles behind clearing up bad guys while he’s moved two floors up!

If you’re looking for realism you won’t find it here. Enemies can take a round to the head before dying so it’s not a case of just spraying bullets around – you’ll need to keep your shots on target to actually take anyone down.

But, as I discovered about three quarters of the way through the game, most of the time you don’t have to take anyone on if you don’t fancy it. Just run to the next checkpoint and activate the door/lift. You will switch to a short cut scene in which you are taking the fire of all enemies (but no damage) while you open said door/lift and then you can just move on to the next section and repeat. 😦

To be honest the gunplay is good enough that you’ll probably want to take some of them out as opposed to running away but really I would’ve expected something in place to stop that happening – like taking damage during the cut scene etc.

As Salem and Rios move through the game you have the opportunity to buy new weapons and even pimp up your current ones. And I mean pimp literally – no benefit to the weapon itself but you can have it made out of gold and diamonds. It’s a nice touch that kind of tells you what the feel of the game is.

One excellent part of gameplay are the back to back bits – the two protagonists stand back to back firing at oncoming enemies in slow-mo. It’s as genius as it sounds and isn’t overused which is great.

Overall I would say this game is a fun 5 or 6 hour blast. While it does become repetitive at times it makes no excuses – in fact Army Of Two is more likely to hand you a rocket launcher, spawn 20 new enemies and tell you to ‘get the f**k on with it.’

Rating: 7/10

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