Killzone 2 – Multiplayer Review

So the servers finally went up for Killzone 2 yesterday and I thought I’d give you a brief(ish) round up of the overall experience.

Ok, so firstly I am an average fps player. I have finished most of the big ones of the last few generations but I am not a big multi-player shooter.

I played online for around four hours – a longer than usual online stint anyway but certainly a new record for a FPS.

You start out at the bottom of the pile with a choice of two guns and no special abilities (or badges as they are called in game).

To earn points you not only have to kill opposition players but also get involved in the mini missions going on within the game. For example in ‘Search and Retrieve’ you pick up an object and take it back to a certain place on the map. Obviously both teams are fighting for the same object so it becomes quite heated – but if you get the object back in one piece you (as in the one carrying the object not the team) get a point.

Each round lasts between 20 and 30 mins and consists of changing objectives that can be active for anywhere from 2 mins to 8 mins.

It’s this constant change that makes the game so exciting – one minute you’ll be trying to infiltrate the enemy’s building then all of a sudden the clock ticks down and you might have to protect a randomly chosen member of your team (assassination). The quick change means you’ll obviously need to retreat and get him out of the open to have any chance of him surviving.

You can find more on the different match types in the game on this thread from the Playstation US boards:

I played without a headset and had no problems – you can break into smaller squads within your group (once you level up you can create squads with a press of the select button) and stay together so communication was never a major issue.

The maps were pretty varied and didn’t get boring – everything looked great and the atmosphere in some of the levels was surprisingly good.

The online side of things looks very deep indeed – following 4 hours of play I have levelled up twice so can now create squads and clans but I have no special abilities and can still only choose from two guns.

More info on badges etc courtesy of here:

That isn’t a bad thing – it means I will keep coming back to the game to progress and unlock more and more things.

Overall it was a smooth, enjoyable blast and a completely different proposition to the single-player campaign.


  1. Only 14 more hours for me! 😉

  2. I haven’t played much of the multi-player yet, still trudging through the single player but enjoyed your review or both. Hopefully mine will be up soon as well.

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