AFRO SAMURAI – Demo Impressions

I saw some trailers of this on and to be honest, wasn’t blown away. Graphically it looked nice but the gameplay just didn’t look very interesting.

So I thought I’d give the demo a try and see what it was like and to be honest I came away fairly impressed.

As I mentioned the graphics look brilliant, cell shaded and very stylised, the look of the game is fairly distinctive.

You play as Afro Samurai, the 2nd best Samurai around. Your mission is to become number 1 by defeating the man who killed your father.

With voice work from Samuel L Jackson as the main character this is not a game for the younger audences. With Jackson effing and blinding his way through opponents it’s not just the language that makes this adults only.

Using basic attacks you can build up your focus meter – basically a way of slowing time and charging big attacks that literally chop your opponent up. Afro will slice and dice the baddies with limbs flying all over the place. It’s gruesome yet stylish, think Tarantino’s Kill Bill and you’ll be on the right track. 😎

My major gripe is the controls. I’m sure you’ll be able to change this in the full game but for some reason the x axis (left to right) was inverted? Meaning instead of pressing right turning the camera right it was going left. 😡 Obviously this was confusing and annoying, especially when in the middle of a big fight. But like I said this should be able to be changed in the options in the full game.

However as much fun as this demo was I can imagine the game could get a touch repetitive as even during the demo it felt like they were just throwing mindless bad guys in your path for you to slaughter.

I would recommend giving this one a rent before buying to see what sort of variation and different types of gameplay the full game has.


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  1. Unfortunately, there are no options to fix the control scheme. I had a hard time adapting to it, but after a while during fights, I would either try to guess when people would attack me and just start swinging, or click the right stick to center the camera.

    All in all, I enjoyed it a lot, but the renting is a good recommendation because it’s a rather short game.

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