TOM CLANCY’S HAWX – Demo Impressions

The Tom Clancy brand has got to the stage where the standard of games put out is of a consistantly high level – and so when a new one is released I’m always inclined to check it out.

HAWX is a new genre for the Clancy brand – taking the fight to the skies for some aerial dogfighting ala Top Gun.

This is a hard demo, let me start right there. HAWX has a lot going on with a fair few different controls to remember but once you get the general controls down, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The demo is basically the tutorial, explaining how to fly and how to fight, essentially.

The game has two viewpoints – assisted and unassisted.

Assisted is your traditional ‘After Burner’ viewpoint (as below) with all sorts of additional info displayed on screen – such as a set of triangles that form the best route to take avoid a chasing missile etc.

Unassisted takes a while to get used to as it’s much further out but this is much more rewarding as you have total control over the plane.

You’re taught how to survive if the plane stalls, which is very handy as it seemed to happen quite a few times to me πŸ˜€

Although it was extremely cool on one occasion when I managed to pull up out of a stall almost at ground level and then rose up again through the trees 😎

The graphics are excellent, with buildings etc at ground level looking great.

Overall I’d say this will be a tough one to play but ultimately I suspect if you give it enough time and learn the controls it could be a very rewarding experience.


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