Watchmen: The End Is Nigh – Demo Impressions (PS3)

I’ve thought all along that Watchmen: The End Is Nigh looked like a nice little beat ’em up in the vein of the Streets Of Rage series.

After playing the demo my initial impression has been proved correct.

With the huge hype surrounding the Watchmen film it was unsurprising that a game would accompany the movie however this isn’t your standard game/movie tie-in.

The End Is Nigh is a specially written prequel that leads right up to the events of the film version of Watchmen. The game is being released episodically on the PSN store although I suspect a full retail version will follow later in the year (perhaps around the time the DVD comes out :grin:)

You control either Rorschach or Nite Owl, two costumed vigilantes, as they attempt to help out at riot at a prison.

Rorschach is slightly more powerful and certainly has the more agressive move set, in keeping with the character. Nite Owl seemed to be a bit slower but had faster combos so both characters are fairly evenly balanced.

The graphics were very impressive and the makers seem to have caught the mood of the novel/film. The demo is dark and dank, the prison on fire and chaos ensuing – with Rorschach giving a running commentary along the way it’s easy to get swept away with inflicting violence on the inmates.

The demo covers about 20 minutes of the level and as well as fighting there are a few ‘puzzles’ – I use the term loosely as it’s more just both of you pulling levers etc. However it does break up the fighting and there is the chance things will get a little more challenging as the game progresses.

The fighting, for me personally, didn’t get too repetitive but I imagine it could if they didn’t vary the type of enemies coming your way as the game moves on.

One thing that made this a most enjoyable experience was the split screen co-op mode as I often find a human sidekick a lot more helpful than an AI one!

Overall I think this could be a welcome distraction from how deep some games are. As brilliant as say, Fallout 3 or GTA IV were, they were not the kind of game you’d chuck on for half an hour. Or even a few hours if a mate came over.

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh appears to fit that brief perfectly – some throwaway, violent, fun which fans can play to get more backstory on Watchmen and others can blast through for some casual but enjoyable gameplay.

P.S Alternatively you can try the excellent 8bit style viral game that was created to accompany the film (see below picture) here:

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  1. Does it have the squid? We found it in the movie:

    Good times.

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