Games That Should Be Made – No.1… HEROES

There was a Heroes game pencilled in for later this year but it was cancelled at the end of 2008, apparently due to the declining viewing figures of the TV show (although I suspect the extremely poor sales of the ‘Lost’ game – made by the same company – had more to do with it).

I personally think this is a show ripe for the picking as a game – with all the different powers available, not to mention the freedom to invent new characters and fill in backstory for some of the shows ‘lesser’ characters this could be great.

I’d like to see it as a third person action adventure although I can’t decide on open world or linear… I suppose linear would let you experience things cinematically but it would be cool to get to choose which side you would join and generally ‘play around’ in the city.

I’m sure most of the characters powers have featured in games so they’d only need to tweak game mechanics that already exist.

Nathan Petrelli Flight: this has been done in loads of games. Iron Man, Spiderman (to an extent) and the upcoming Prototype all feature this so it shouldn’t be hard to implement. Hell even CJ in GTA San Andreas had a jet pack 😀

Matt ParkmanMind Control:

Again this sort of possession skill has featured in a few titles and again occurs in the upcoming Prototype. Any game where you’ve remote controlled something/one from a distance is how this could work.

Hiro NakamuraTime Travel: This is obviously problematic so I suspect you’d need a plot device to take this power away although we could still leave him with the ability to slow down time.

Daphne MillbrookSpeed:

Most games have a speed boost and DC Universe Online (scheduled for 2009) has it as a special power so this one should be easy to work into the game.

Mohinder SureshMutant: He only half turned in the TV series but it wouldn’t be too difficult to imagine Mohinder going the whole hog in the game and becoming whatever reptilian creature he was for short bursts of super strength.

Claire BennettHealing:

Again this shouldn’t be a problem, although you would need to make sure there was some kind of threat or way that Claire could be hurt. Perhaps knocking her out rather than injuring her? Only so as not to make the game too easy!

Noah BennettNothing:

No power here but he’d have to feature in the game right? With his gun skills as his special, H.R.G (Horn Rimmed Glasses or Noah to you and me) could really bring some heat to the Heroes, whether he’s working for The Company or alongside the Heroes themselves.

Ando Masahashi Power Up: Ando has a non-usable power that basically increases the strength of the power of whoever he is in contact with. This would be pretty useless to the general player as Ando doesn’t have any fighting/gun skills – perhaps he could be included as the ultimate difficulty test?

Elle BishopElectricity:


InFamous on the PS3 has electricity as the main power for the lead character so again this shouldn’t be hard to do.

Peter PetrelliAbsorbing Powers: No worries here, just a case of having Peter able to use the power of whoever he was nearest last.

Tracy StraussFreezing:


Sub-Zero anyone? 😆 Don’t need to say much more than that, this would be an awesome power to have in game.

Maya HerreraBlack Death: Couldn’t really think of a better way to describe her power. I suppose this would be similar to Tracy’s but instead of freezing them you would kill them with the dark black matter.

SylarWhere do I start?! 😀 :

Well he has so many abilities it would be easy to include them in the game. Super strength, mind control, slicing up peoples heads to get their abilities etc The only thing we would need to be wary of would be making him too powerful.

The HaitianBlocking other abilites: Again this could be really cool as it would make the other characters rely on their basic hand to hand or gun skills. Would possibly make things very interesting indeed.

Meredith GordonFire: The opposite of Tracy Strauss but the same game mechanic.

I guess the main problem with all of this isn’t actually getting the powers into the game it would be working out how to balance them and keep everything consistent. I suppose the best example would be to look at DC Online Universe when it’s released and find out how (if) they have solved this problem.

Possibly the ideal would be to make the story playable online with everyone taking a different Hero through the game. Depending on how things unfold the game could have several endings, both good and bad.

I was quite disappointed to learn the planned game had been cancelled but hopefully another publisher will pick up the licence and make what could be an excellent game.


  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Hey the concept sounds great. It leaves a lot of possibilities and a multi-player mode could be great as well…

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