This list started life as a Top Ten but as I began putting it together I thought I might as well just list everything that PS3 owners can look forward to in the future.

There were too many to fit in one blog so I’ve broken it down into two parts. The second part will be in the next week or so and will feature games that are further away on the horizon.

And so in no particular order, here’s what’s hot on the radar:


Terminator Salvation

Release Date: 19/05/09

I’ve read several previews of Terminator Salvation saying the game has ripped off Gears Of War and is similar is style. It certainly looks like Terminator has taken it’s inspiration from there.

And is this a bad thing? Obviously it’s great to have groundbreaking titles with fresh ideas but film licences are notoriously bad games (Iron Man anyone? :lol:).

If they can make a game half as good as Gears Of War with Terminators in it then I for one think that’s cool.

My only reservation is that the footage I’ve seen looks a little repetitive in parts but hopefully that won’t be a problem.

At the end of the day it’s been too long since we had a chance to shoot up some Terminators!

Here’s hoping for a downloadable Arnold skin for the main character at some stage!!!

Will certainly check the demo before buying though!



Release Date: 26/05/09

InFamous has crept into this list at the last minute and the main reason I was reluctant to include it is the game’s apparent similarity to the forthcoming Prototype (see below).

Now I understand these two aren’t exactly the same but I do feel InFamous may not have the same impact as Prototype because the character is limited to a superpower based on electricity rather than a selection of powers.

Your character is called Cole, a man who not only survives a huge electrical explosion but actually gets powers from it. You’ll be chucking balls of electricity at enemies and using your electrical charge to glide through the air among other things.

Recent trailers & footage have hinted at some cool features and the good/bad karma angle seems interesting.

Graphically it looks great and it’s a PS3 exclusive so I suspect I’ll check it out at some stage depending on how much I enjoy the demo.



Release Date: 09/06/09

Well it always seems the way – a style of game doesn’t get touched for ages then two come along at once.

I see absolutely no reason not to own both Prototype and InFamous if they are good enough. Both have a different story to tell and have been made by different people.

You play as Alex Mercer, waking up in the morgue and wondering what the hell is going on. You have no memory but luckily for you (not for everyone else :lol:) you can absorb other people’s appearances and memory by killing them 😮

And so the story begins as you try and piece together what the hell is going on and where your superpowers have appeared from.

Prototype seems to take itself less seriously than InFamous (performing an elbow drop on a tank :cool:) so I’m not sure how the story will play out.

Either way I’ll be getting this when it comes out in the Summer.


Batman: Arkham Asylum

Release Date: 09/06/09

I don’t think we’ve ever really had a great Batman game, although a friend vouches for Batman Begins, but Arkham Asylum looks like it could be something special.

Not restrained by being tied to a film the game has a level of freedom in design and story that isn’t often present in licensed games.

Basically Batman falls into the Joker’s trap by arresting him and taking him to the Asylum. The Joker escapes his chains and releases the inmates to take over the Asylum.

It’s up to Batman to punch, kick and batarang his way through.

It all looks great and the options for stealth or attack look pretty cool but I feel this one will come down to how they implement the control system.

Hopefully it’ll be easy enough to play and I’m looking forward to the demo, which should be with us in the next few weeks.


Red Faction

Release Date: 09/06/09

Another one that has crept into the list, Red Faction: Guerrilla makes an appearance based on how much fun the demo was.

I watched plenty of trailers and footage for this game without being overly impressed. The main selling point seemed to be the way everything destructs realistically and to me that wasn’t something of great interest – as long as it crumbles I don’t mind how it goes down. 🙂

But I’d underestimated how much fun it is to destroy things. Especially with an oversized hammer 😀

Might be worth a rent before I decide whether to invest but I’ll be keeping an eye on the reviews for this one.



Release Date: 16/06/09

Well we’ve certainly waited long enough – after being dropped by Activision Ghostbusters is almost upon us.

From the footage I’ve seen this could be a great game and to be honest with the original cast and the sound effects of the proton pack, Ecto 1 etc it could be a re-skinned version of any generic third person shooter and I’d be happy. 🙂

As it is the game seems to be getting ok feedback, maybe just above average, and apparently the script and delivery are excellent.

As someone who grew up with the films and cartoon TV series a decent Ghostbusters game has been a long time coming.

My inner child cannot wait to fire up his proton pack and bust some ghosts 😎

*sings On Our Own by Bobby Brown*


Call Of Juarez – Bound In Blood

Release Date: 30/06/09

And so we have the second of the Western themed games and this one seems a lot more linear and story driven than Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption (featured in Part Two).

You control two brothers and have the option to use either as you progress through the levels.

Both of them have different special abilties, one is great with long range weapons and the other can target multiple opponents before letting loose with both barrels.

I like the look of this and while the game looks to lack a degree of freedom I think that in some cases it’s nice to play a game and be led by the story.

Again one to check the demo first but a probable purchase.


Fight Night Round 4

Release Date: Summer 2009

I enjoyed Fight Night Round 3 but, quite frankly, it was just the PS2 version with shiny graphics.

This is a whole new game engine built from the ground up and based on physics.

It looks incredible and the movement of the fighters is much improved. Also the boxers can now get right up close, the ‘invisible wall’ from Round 3 has been removed.

The knockdowns are much better, the repetitive knockdown animation is gone and each knockdown will happen in real-time, which looks brilliant.

The roster has been increased and Lennox Lewis & Mike Tyson are both welcome inclusions.

This will be great to play with your mates and I should imagine online will be great (EA certainly does online very well) but I’m hoping for an extended career mode in single player.

A demo is pencilled in for mid May so it’s not long until we get a chance to try it out.


Alpha Protocol

Release Date: October 2009

Alpha Protocol is a spy-RPG (Role Playing Game), meaning effectively that you have a say in how your characters statistics develop through the game.

Want to be a crack shot? Level up your gun skills. How about a deadly weapon with your hands? Level up your martial arts skills.

You take control of an agent who is so deep under cover even your fellow agents don’t know about you. You get to mould his skills to suit your style of play as you go from location to location completing missions.

This game sounds like it could be really fun.

Added into the mix is what sounds like an excellent decision making mechanic whereby you are given three answers to choose from when asked a question but instead of sitting deliberating (“well if I say that x might happen but if I say y this might happen”) you get 5 seconds to answer or (I believe) it picks a passive answer for you.

It’s nice to see developers putting out games that don’t necessarily sit in one genre and I think Aplha Protocol could be an awesome story-based gaming experience.



Release Date: TBC 2009

MAG stands for Massive Action Game. It would have to be a pretty big game to actually label itself ‘Massive’ wouldn’t it?

Most games have 32 online players, there are a few that can support 64 players at a time. So what would constitute ‘Massive?’

80? 100? 150 surely? 200?!

Try 256. All human opponents. 128 players a side.
We are pretty much talking an actual war here 🙂 and judging from the trailer above this could be great fun, complete chaos but fun nonetheless.

I’m interested to see if they can actually pull It off successfully. This could be the game SOCOM wanted to be.


Heavy Rain

Release Date: TBC 2009

Now this is an interesting one, Heavy Rain is aiming to be a whole new gaming experience – more interactive and filmic than ever before.

Very little is known about the story itself and several rumours have been flying around regarding gameplay etc

The most interesting of which is the idea that the story continues until the end regardless. If you die you don’t replay the level you switch to another (different) character and continue the story from their perspective.

If that’s true it sounds awesome. Regardless of the rumours the game is shaping up to be one of the best looking and innovative title that is on the horizon.


God Of War 3

Release Date: TBA (2009/10)

Do I need to write anything here? 😆

Seriously it’s shaping up to top the previous two games, which is really saying something.

This is one of the jewels in Sony’s crown. Critically acclaimed and loved by gamers, the God Of War franchise is edging ever closer to it’s next-gen debut.

The footage above is obviously from a conference on a big screen but it still looks great – the movement of Kratos has obviously been improved and the the gameplay seems to flow better.

This will be massive and I cannot wait for it to arrive.


So there you have it – the first part of my most wanted games. I honestly don’t think there has been a better time to be a gamer – whether it’s on PS3, X-Box or Nintendo.

The scope, scale and production values on games is immense and there is a real value for money feel to most games nowadays, with almost all titles clocked in between 8 and 10 hours of gameplay in solo player campaigns. Not to mention multi-player.

Hope you enjoyed the list and Most Wanted – Part Two should be up next week.

Red Faction: Guerrilla Demo Impressions (PS3)



I could really just leave it at that and move on but I suppose I better go into a bit more detail 🙂

From the trailer style opening it appears that your character Alec Mason is part of a rebel group (Red Faction I’m guessing :lol:) that wants to wrestle control of Mars back from a totalitarian governement that is calling the shots – and kidnapping loads of innocent civilians to ship to work camps for their own means.

I’ll be honest I found it a bit muddled and quite frankly after about 20/30 seconds I skipped the demo trailer as I was worried it would spoil the game itself for me.

After inverting the controls (GregHorrorShow Gaming Tip #1) I got stuck in. And I mean that literally. Handed some sort of Thor type hammer I smashed a few solar panels up. Nice, everything broke realistically.

I had to make my way over to an exclaimation mark on my map to steal a ‘walker’ (think the robot thing Ripley uses at the end of Aliens) to give to the rebels.

Cool I think, goddamn facist pigs – wait till I… *swings hammer*

Suddenly realizing I’m about to clump a woman rather than a man I pull back and miss her. I feel a little swell of pride that even in a game on Mars my morals are still upstanding. Only briefly though as I spot a man instead and smack him with the hammer.

BOOM! Awesome, he goes down hard. Wait a minute, what? I’ll lose the rebels trust if I kill them? These guys are the rebels? Oh. *clears throat* sorry about that.

As I come round the corner I start getting shot at by some dudes with odd helmets on – Ok so THESE are the bad guys.

A couple of swings with my trusty hammer take them down and I’m alerted to a nearby vehicle which I jump into and haphazardly, while being shot at I hasten to add, screech my way over to the exclaimation mark on the map.

I get out the truck and use the hammer to smash the warehouse door – cool.

Then I get in the Walker and trudge out, destroying buildings and helmet guys with the sweeping arms of the mechanoid. I’m launching cars in the air and generally causing mayhem. It’s great.

The Walker seems indestructable which I guess could be a problem in so far as you could feel too safe when in one.

For the purposes of the demo though it was great and I successfully got it to a nearby truck and loaded it onto the back.

Someone else took the wheel while I operated some form of cannon blaster at the back of the vehicle. The following on-rails driving section saw explosions aplenty, the cannon was so powerful every shot sent the chasing armoured cars flying through the air like the opening sequence of The A-Team 😀

I also demolished some of the governments surrounding buildings/processing plants – take that corporate scum 😮

We made it past over a bridge just in time as the rebels blew it up to stop the guys chasing us.

This was far exceeding my expectations and I was genuinely interested to see what else I could try out… except that was it.


In a world where we are constantly showered with free demos that are pretty much a whole level I didn’t see that coming.

On the plus side the demo did it’s job perfectly – I have to admit I thought Red Faction looked average, that I probably would try the demo and end up not bothering to pick the full game up.

But after blasting through the demo my interest is certainly raised. In fact I’m thinking of giving it another run through and seeing what else I can do within the confines of the demo.

Red Faction seems similar to Mercenaries 2, which I liked as a fun play despite it’s poor review scores.

Sometimes it’s nice to go back to the old school and not worry about stealth and cover – just hold down fire and everything will be alright 😎

State Of Play – Review (Film)

State of Play is a taut thriller based on the BBC TV Mini Series of the same name, which aired in 2003.

The film tells the story of reporter Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) and his attempt to solve the suspicious death of a congressman’s research assistant. Added into the mix is the fact that the congressman, Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck), is an old friend of McAffrey’s.

As the pieces of the puzzle unravel McAffrey is teamed with up and coming political blog writer Della Frye (Rachel McAdams) and the clash of McAffrey’s old school journalism and Frye’s new school journalism mean they often have different ideas about how the story should be presented but they work together to break the story.


State Of Play takes a sinister turn as the plot progresses and the shadow of the PointCorp operation is cast over the whole story. McAffrey and Frye have to redouble their efforts as they get nearer to the truth and find themselves in deeper than they could ever have imagined.

This is a film full of great acting – Russell Crowe will most likely get the plaudits and rightfully so, this is a very natural performance from him. Affleck really brings a believable character to the screen with congressman Collins as the politican watches his political and personal life unravel in front of the media.

Dame Helen Mirren as McAffrey’s boss puts in a classic ‘ballbreaker’ turn as Cameron Lynne and Jason Bateman is at his best with a restrained and darkly comedic role.

It was great to see Rachel McAdams step out of the rom-com safety zone (Wedding Crashers/Family Stone etc) and her bold perfomance as Della Frye cements her as a potential ‘A-List’ actress from here on out.

I would be interested to see the original mini-series to find out what was changed in bringing the time down from 6 hours to just over 2 hours. It’s been reported that a fair bit of the story was shuffled to reduce the running time and turn the story into a cohesive film experience.

It’s difficult to go too much into the story without giving anything away and it would be a real shame for you to read what happens here rather than watch it for yourself.

State Of Play isn’t your average thriller – it’s been a while since I’ve seen one as well done and with as strong cast performances as this. I really enjoyed The International but State Of Play is Premier League in comparison.

I strongly recommend you check this one out whenever you get a chance.

Rating: 9/10

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WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania – Review (PS3)


If you’re looking for an accurate simulation of wrestling or a game when everything links seamlessly for a flawless experience then turn away now.

If, however, you are looking for a fun game and you remember the glory days of Ultimate Warrior, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Mr Perfect, Bret Hart and Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase then WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania could be for you.


Let’s begin with the bad – the audience members look like crap and a lot of the time the quick time chain events don’t follow logical order. One minute you have someone in a sleeper hold the next they are on the floor with you elbow dropping them and there is no animation inbetween.

But, and it’s a big but, THQ/Jukes have PERFECTLY captured the feeling of that period in wrestling. They could have stick men in the audience and it wouldn’t matter because you’ll be like my middle brother (who is three years younger than me) imploring the screen ‘please tell me the Warrior is going to rock the ropes’ as his wrestler enters and then raising his voice an octave when it happens.

It’s that feeling of being a kid again – of being ten years old and having a royal rumble with your mates (fyi you had to go over the arm of the living room sofa and both feet had to touch the ground :grin:).


I literally could not believe it when in the middle of match a cut scene started showing Paul Bearer holding up the urn and the Undertaker then sat bolt upright in the ring as he used to do – possessed. Yes it’s a scripted cutscene but that doesn’t take anything away from it in my opinion.

The controls are simple enough – square to strike, x to grapple and triangle to reverse. Each of the attack butons can be held for a more powerful attack.

A lot of the grapple moves involve quick time events so a button will flash up on screen and whoever presses it first goes on the attack.

The grapple moves performed are based on how high your meter is on a scale of 1-3. Attacking your opponent and reversing their moves fills your bar until it adds to your number. Once you hit 3 you can perform your finisher by pressing square and x together.


The only confusion at the moment seems to be the exact way to kick out of a pin but I’m sure it will be become more apparent as we play more of the game.

The roster is very impressive featuring some all time greats and a few ‘characters.’ and lots more are included as well as a few I wasn’t as familiar with. The only major omission is Macho Man Randy Savage, which is apparently down to a dispute with Vince MacMahon.

My youngest brother, who is 15, doesn’t really get it. Sure The Rock and Stone Cold are in there but this isn’t a game for their generation of viewers.

In single player you can play an exhibition match in several styles (ladder/submission etc), take on the Wrestlemania Tour Mode or Legend Killer.

Legend Killer is where you create your own superstar (or use an existing one) to battle through legend after legend in a bid to become the all time champion.

Tour mode is my favourite though, with the choice to Relive (play the match and try to recreate it as it happened), Redefine (play the match in a different environment – in a steel cage for example) or Rewrite (change Wrestlemania history and have the loser win the match). It makes for some interesting match ups!


Online supports up to 4 players at one time, whether that’s tag team or three on one – whichever way you want to work it. But I wouldn’t know as it hasn’t worked for me at all – and that’s on two seperate consoles with different PSN accounts each time. I can view the available players but can’t join a match. 😦 I suspect this a game to play with your mates in the same room anyway.

WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania is all about the 80’s/90’s – it’s the kind of game where you have to know the characters to appreciate it. Someone with no knowledge of Bret Hit Man Hart isn’t going to care that he gives his shades to a kid in the audience like he used to or that The Million Dollar Man also has his Million Dollar Belt.

It’s a button masher for sure but the way they have captured the drama and emotion of the old WWF really does deserve a lot of credit. If you have any affinity for old school wrestling give this a rent and see what you think.

Rating: 9/10

Rambo: First Blood – Review (DVD)


It’s nice to be able to watch a ‘classic’ film for the first time and be old enough to appreciate it.

I remember watching countless 18 rated films from the age of 15 upwards – Robocop, Alien, Friday The 13th (the later parts :smile:) and many more besides. Whether it was down to my friends or my own taste at the time, none of them were war/army films.

So I know I have a lot of catching up to do over the years and this started at the weekend with a DVD viewing of Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: First Blood.

As an aside one quick comment on how amazing this looked (for such an old film) on the PS3’s DVD Upscaler. As my friend said, I can’t imagine it would be much better on Blu-Ray.

The film itself was a pleasant surprise. My knowledge of Rambo consists of seeing trailers and paradies in other films so I was expecting a bullet-fest with Rambo taking on all comers.

What I got was the story of a war veteran clearly struggling to adapt to life after the conflict. Realising he is the only one to have survived in his squad (not all were killed in battle, one of the men died from cancer (albeit contracted in action) upon his return) it’s a chance meeting with local sheriff Will Teasle that triggers the events that see John Rambo go on the offensive.


The sheriff tries to escort Rambo out of the town because they don’t want drifters or vagrants settling in the town. He gives him a lift to the edge of town and tells him to be on his way.

Rambo pays him no heed and heads straight back towards town and Teasle arrests him. During his initial incarcaration the brutal treatment by the police officers sees Rambo (in full post traumatic stress disorder mode) flashback to ‘Nam and beat his way out of the station to make his escape.

The story continues with the police hunting Rambo through the local forest and a great final battle back in the town.

One of the things I liked best about this film was the restraint of the main character. Rambo seemed reluctant to actually kill anyone – instead setting up traps to incapacitate them.

Another plus point was the awesome Brian Dennehy as Will Teasle – Dennehy, in my opinion, is a fantastic actor.

The story was well written and John Rambo was played well by Sylvester Stallone as a troubled man – a killing machine who suddenly finds himself with no purpose back in ‘civilsed’ society.

I really enjoyed Rambo: First Blood, it was genuinely surprising for me to get a great, well crafted story when I was expecting gun fluff nonsense and a high body count.

Rating: 8/10

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Resident Evil 5 – Review (PS3)


The Resident Evil series has been a staple of most gamers experience over the last 13 years or so.

Most people will have played at least one game in the series, most gamers will have played all of the main story games (i.e. 1,2,3 and 4) and the hardcore will have also played the numerous spin off games (Code Veronica, Zero etc).

It is a much loved series and for good reason – despite some difficult control issues and extremely hammy dialogue the games really developed the ‘survival horror’ genre and have given us some brilliant boss battles and a fair few genuine scares along the way. Resident Evil 4 remains the only game to ever make me yelp loud enough that someone in another room heard me 😳

And so I was greatly looking forward to the next instalment which had been in development since 2005 and teaser trailered since 2007!


The game begins with Chris Redfield arriving somewhere in Africa and meeting up with his new partner Sheva Alomar. First thing I noticed was how impressive the cut scenes looked – this was consistent throughout the game and they have obviously done some great motion capture work.

You make your way through the small, run down shanty town to meet your informant. Things are given a sinister twist as you pass a group of villagers beating a man shaped body bag that is still moving. The fact they stop what they are doing and stare you down is a nice touch.

And so the game progresses from there, (very) different setting, same old Resident Evil.


There were a lot of people complaining about the control system (myself among them) after playing the demo but having spent more time with the game it really isn’t that bad.

The game takes in various settings in Africa before moving indoors and to a night setting for the final third.

One thing that did cause a fuss from the trailers and even some reviews of the game was the racism angle.

I don’t believe for a second that Capcom intentionally made their game with racist undertones but I have to admit some parts of Resident Evil 5 seem to play to old stereotypes – for instance the tribal characters. Now I understand there probably are tribes in Africa that have similar looks to those in the game but the ones in Resi felt a bit like a caricature of a tribe.

However the worst offender for me is the baffling decision to make a woman being dragged screaming into an alley white. I don’t recall seeing any other white women in the zombie contingent (I could be wrong though) so it seems a bad choice to have black male characters dragging a white woman down the alley. Shock tactics? Perhaps, it just seems a shame if they honestly think we gamers wouldn’t have rushed to the aid of a black woman just as quickly as a white one.

These are minor gripes in my opinion and I don’t think any of this was implemented maliciously – just badly thought out.

And apart from the instance above I didn’t really notice who I was shooting – I just aimed at anything that moved 😀

The gameplay was what you would expect from a Resi game and if you liked 4 you’ll be well catered for here. Fans of the earlier games may find themselves disappointed as the series seems to be moving toward the action genre at breakneck speed.


The pacing was generally fine but my one major complaint of the entire game was Chapter 4. The two parts of this chapter take place in an underground ‘Drake’s Fortune’ type of shrine. Pull this lever, make these stairs change. Move this mirror and reflect the light etc.

I just can’t help but think they got this far, thought “oh we need more puzzles” and just shoe-horned this whole chapter in. The puzzles were poor and easy – not much of a challenge and quite frankly I would urge people to get through this part as soon as possible and then forget it.

The game is great before Chapter 4 and improves more afterwards.

Your AI (or human if you’re lucky enough to get someone to play with you 🙂 ) teammate is more than adequate but a bit more communication might’ve been a help – in one instance I was running round for ten minutes trying to locate something I needed to finish off a boss only to realise Sheva had picked it up but hadn’t told me she had it!

The system works well and she saved me on more than one occasion. She sticks close by and doesn’t go off wandering too much so I’d say her inclusion is a positive one for the series.


The boss battles are typically huge in scale and most enjoyable. There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot and a few old faces turn up (as always 😆 ) – however the main twist is the most obvious plot twist I’ve seen in a long time and I was a little disappointed to be proved right.

Taken as a whole Resi Evil 5 is a brilliant game and one that I would recommend. Graphically it’s stunning and while it isn’t a hugely difficult game you’ll enjoy playing through and unravelling the story.

It survives the huge expectation of following Resident Evil 4… just. This is a game that everyone should play as Resi comes to the new generation of consoles. It’s not as good as 4 or, in my opinion, Dead Space but it is an enjoyable playthrough and well worth a (head)shot.

Rating: 8/10

Marley & Me – Review (Film)


Being completely honest Marley & Me probably isn’t a film I would’ve made an effort to see. I’d seen the trailers and while it looked inoffensive it just seemed overly cheesy. But someone put it on at their house and I ended up catching the whole thing.

I’m not a big dog lover, don’t get me wrong some of the little (and big) fellas are great fun, it’s just that I wouldn’t really want one of my own but you don’t need to love dogs to enjoy this film.

John Grogan (the ever dependable Owen Wilson) and his wife Jenny (played by Jennifer Aniston) adopt a dog to see if they could cope with raising a family and after Wilson secretly decides it would be less hassle than having a child.

What he doesn’t bargain for is the fact that the dog they bring home (Marley) is the worst behaved dog ever.

The film then charts the couples ups and downs as children arrive to compliment the Marley set up.

Both John and Jenny are writers for newspapers and while she is the more traditional style of writer, John finds himself reporting on rubbish until he is given his own column to write. He decides to use Marley as the focus and the readers lap up his stories of the dog’s bad behaviour.

I’m a sucker for a good rom-com but this kind of film is often so sweet and sugary that I’m left feeling queasy.

Not so Marley & Me – yes, it does overdo the emotion at times and at some stages I found it hard to sympathise with the characters relationship to Marley (I would’ve sent him packing to a home long before the Grogan’s patience was even tried!) but Wilson and Aniston do a great job of acting a believable (if too good looking 😀 ) average couple.

It was also quite refreshing that the couple stayed together, despite a few serious arguments in amongst the rough patches in their relationship.

Marley & Me was a nice little film and if you like these slightly soppy animal movies then you won’t be disappointed. I certainly didn’t dislike it but on the other hand I won’t be recommending it to anyone anytime soon.

Rating: 6/10

Bangkok Dangerous – Review (Film)


 Nicolas Cage stars as Joe, a friendless hitman who is beginning to consider a life outside of assassinations.

Following a strict set of rules Joe has become one of the best and most respected assassins in the business.

Deciding to follow Rule 4, “Know when it’s time to get out,” Joe decides this will be his last job – the final big pay off, 4 kills in Bangkok.

The only problem being that once he gets there he breaks some of the other rules that have served him well over the years.

Will his new found social interactions cost him? Is he losing his edge? These issues are touched upon in amongst the unmigated carnage Joe brings down on his victims.

Nic Cage does a great job as Joe and Shahkrit Yamnarm as his ‘sidekick’ Kong was really impressive. On the whole I thought the film was well cast and the characterisation was well handled.

I really enjoyed Bangkok Dangerous – it occasionally went a little over the top in the sentimentality and teacher/student stakes but not in a way that detracted from the story itself.

I am partial to a hitman film anyway so I guess I was predisposed to like this – one thing I would’ve liked to have seen would have been a few more different ways of killing people. Maybe in a flashback of older victims or something.

I suppose I’ve been spoilt by the Hitman game series where there are all manner of insane, and yet totally genius, ways of taking down a target.

Bangkok Dangerous is a US remake of a Thai film, with the same title, from 1999. In the original the hitman is deaf and mute, which certainly sounds interesting. They have clearly switched things around for the US version and I’d like to see the original before commenting on whether that’s a good or bad thing.

Having watched this on DVD I was also privvy to both endings and I’m still undecided as to which one was best – the gritty one or the Hollywood one.

A film like this can’t really be called a buddy movie but it certainly has some of that charm, which I think is why I can’t make my mind up over the ending. Almost everytime I prefer the more realistic or darker ending but I guess every now and then it’s nice to see a cheesy ending. One thing I would say though is that even with the cheesy ending they reigned it in a bit and didn’t go the whole hog.

This is a film that won’t be to everybody’s taste – hence the lukewarm critics ratings despite going to No.1 at the US box office – but if you like your films stylish and violent then I’d say give Bangkok Dangerous a try, you might just like it.

Rating: 7/10

GregHorrorShow Playlist – April 2009

Well I thought it was about time I put togther some sort of playlist for you guys.

In the end I decided the best way to approach it, rather than a ‘hot new bands’ type of thing would be to put togther the stuff I’ve been listening to the last few weeks and see what you think. 😎

So this includes old and new tracks, songs you’ve probably heard and some you may not have.

I put them into one long mix to try and escape the spectre of piracy – obviously the tracks in here are for you to check out, if you like them get the album off iTunes or get yourself down to a gig.

One last thing to note is I am showcasing great music (in my opinion) in this playlist I cannot ‘mix’ and I’m not a DJ. I’ve just segued the tracks to stop people ripping them off. 😀


GregHorrorShow April 09 Playlist:

1.  In For The Kill (Skream’s Let Get Ravey Mix) – LA ROUX
2.  You’ve Got The Love – FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE
3.  Sentimental Heart – SHE & HIM
5.  Dull Life – YEAH YEAH YEAHS
6.  You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – DUSTY SPRINGFIELD
7.  Tiger Moutain Peasant Song – FLEET FOXES
8.  One Day Like This – ELBOW
10. No Pause – GIRL TALK
11. Paris Is Burning – LADYHAWKE
12. That’s The Reason – THE RAKES
13. My Turn – HOOBASTANK
14. Revival – SOULSAVERS

Here is the link to download, the mix is under 55mb and clocks in around 48 minutes:


N..B. You may discover this page long after the link has expired, if you still want a copy of the mix drop me an e-mail at:  and I’ll see if I can send it over.

The Ghost by Robert Harris – Review (Book)

I was intrigued by the cover to this book when I picked it up in the book shop. I read the first page (I don’t read the blurb on the back anymore – anyone else notice it often gives away plot points that don’t occur until halfway through the book :angry: ) and liked the writing style so got a copy.

Being honest I was expecting a Lee Child-esque, possibly military style story. However what I got was a well crafted and unexpected tale of a ghost-writer who is hired to write the former PM’s memoirs following on from the death of the original ghost-writer.

Adam Lang, based on former Prime Minister Tony Blair, is a charming, powerful man. After leaving government he is still moving in political circles and preparing to release his memoirs.

The main narrator, whose name we never learn, is just settling in to making a start on re-drafting the memoirs and interviewing Lang when a bombshell drops: Adam Lang is to be investigated by The ICC (International Criminal Court) after a leaked memorandum reveals that he secretly approved the transfer of UK citizens to Guantanamo Bay to face interrogation and possible torture.

As the story progresses the narrator begins to realise there is more to set up of the former PM’s team than meets the eye and whilst researching for the memoirs comes across evidence of events so unbelievably huge he struggles with what to do with the information.

The Ghost was a really good political thriller and as someone who has little or no interest in politics I can safely say a lack of political knowledge will not hinder your enjoyment.

The ending was brilliant in my opinion as I didn’t see it coming and I would recommend anyone who fancies something a bit different to give this a try.

Rating: 7/10