The Ghost by Robert Harris – Review (Book)

I was intrigued by the cover to this book when I picked it up in the book shop. I read the first page (I don’t read the blurb on the back anymore – anyone else notice it often gives away plot points that don’t occur until halfway through the book :angry: ) and liked the writing style so got a copy.

Being honest I was expecting a Lee Child-esque, possibly military style story. However what I got was a well crafted and unexpected tale of a ghost-writer who is hired to write the former PM’s memoirs following on from the death of the original ghost-writer.

Adam Lang, based on former Prime Minister Tony Blair, is a charming, powerful man. After leaving government he is still moving in political circles and preparing to release his memoirs.

The main narrator, whose name we never learn, is just settling in to making a start on re-drafting the memoirs and interviewing Lang when a bombshell drops: Adam Lang is to be investigated by The ICC (International Criminal Court) after a leaked memorandum reveals that he secretly approved the transfer of UK citizens to Guantanamo Bay to face interrogation and possible torture.

As the story progresses the narrator begins to realise there is more to set up of the former PM’s team than meets the eye and whilst researching for the memoirs comes across evidence of events so unbelievably huge he struggles with what to do with the information.

The Ghost was a really good political thriller and as someone who has little or no interest in politics I can safely say a lack of political knowledge will not hinder your enjoyment.

The ending was brilliant in my opinion as I didn’t see it coming and I would recommend anyone who fancies something a bit different to give this a try.

Rating: 7/10

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