Marley & Me – Review (Film)


Being completely honest Marley & Me probably isn’t a film I would’ve made an effort to see. I’d seen the trailers and while it looked inoffensive it just seemed overly cheesy. But someone put it on at their house and I ended up catching the whole thing.

I’m not a big dog lover, don’t get me wrong some of the little (and big) fellas are great fun, it’s just that I wouldn’t really want one of my own but you don’t need to love dogs to enjoy this film.

John Grogan (the ever dependable Owen Wilson) and his wife Jenny (played by Jennifer Aniston) adopt a dog to see if they could cope with raising a family and after Wilson secretly decides it would be less hassle than having a child.

What he doesn’t bargain for is the fact that the dog they bring home (Marley) is the worst behaved dog ever.

The film then charts the couples ups and downs as children arrive to compliment the Marley set up.

Both John and Jenny are writers for newspapers and while she is the more traditional style of writer, John finds himself reporting on rubbish until he is given his own column to write. He decides to use Marley as the focus and the readers lap up his stories of the dog’s bad behaviour.

I’m a sucker for a good rom-com but this kind of film is often so sweet and sugary that I’m left feeling queasy.

Not so Marley & Me – yes, it does overdo the emotion at times and at some stages I found it hard to sympathise with the characters relationship to Marley (I would’ve sent him packing to a home long before the Grogan’s patience was even tried!) but Wilson and Aniston do a great job of acting a believable (if too good looking 😀 ) average couple.

It was also quite refreshing that the couple stayed together, despite a few serious arguments in amongst the rough patches in their relationship.

Marley & Me was a nice little film and if you like these slightly soppy animal movies then you won’t be disappointed. I certainly didn’t dislike it but on the other hand I won’t be recommending it to anyone anytime soon.

Rating: 6/10


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