Games That Should Be Made – No.2 ROBOCOP


The last decent Robocop game was ‘Robocop Vs Terminator’ on the Sega Mega Drive back in 1994.

For such an iconic brand this is a travesty.

There was the PS2 game a few years back which was pretty rubbish.

The original Arcade game (and ZX Spectrum for me!) was awesome for the time and I spent many an hour sat in front of the small screen trying to get as far as possible.

I was far too young to watch the film itself, I would guess 9 or 10 years old but the game was a different matter. I remember thinking how amazing the graphics were… and the load up screen! It was almost photo-realistic! (See pic below) Obviously it wasn’t but it seemed it at the time.

robo load

Robocop is a franchise with so much potential as a game it’s untrue.

I would love to see Rockstar get their hands on the brand and do what they did with The Warriors.

Maybe a bit more open world, I’m thinking GTA but with you as Robocop and ED-209’s littering the street 😎

You play through the opening level as Alex Murphy to set the scene and then play through the story of the first film before having a whole new story to go through.

You’d be able to upgrade your ‘suit’ and get different weapons etc.

Oh! And they would HAVE to licence ’20 Seconds To Comply’ by Silver Bullet as the theme song. 😎

robo ed

The game would be third person except for parts where you’d have a Wheelman-esque slow down in an over the shoulder/first person view so you could target lots of enemies and then watch Robocop take them all down in real time.

One thing that must NOT happen – Robocop can’t fly. Seriously, let’s just forget the whole Robocop 3 debacle. Agreed? Ok cool. 🙂

My only concern is that there is a new film pencilled in for 2010 – I believe it’s a reimagining 😮 – and I suppose there will be a tie in game for that.

Which, in theory, could be good if the film is good – although I don’t see how they could really improve on the original?

Anyway I’d much prefer to see a game based around the original film and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that if it does ever happen it gets made by one of the better developers.



  1. A bit off topic but this reminded me, I hope you are planning to watch the new Terminator movie. I can’t wait to read your review. Back on topic, I remember playing that old RoboCop game, it definitely needs a remake good choice. As always keep up the great work.

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