Wanted: Weapons Of Fate – PS3 (Review)


Let’s get this straight… Wanted: Weapons Of Fate is not worth £39.99. This isn’t because it’s a bad game – it’s due to the length (or lack thereof) of the main story mode.

I’d heard it was short but even I was surprised to finish this game so quickly – just over 4 1/2 hours.

I think I’m safe in saying it’s the shortest game I’ve ever played – certainly since the arrival of the PS2. You could probably (if you wanted to) play this through in one sitting!

But it packs a lot of sweary carnage into the time you do spend with it.

Set a few hours after the film starring James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie, Wanted Weapons Of Fate puts you in control of main character Wesley Gibson as he seeks the man who assassinated his mother when he was just a child.

Wesley was born to two assassins – such a child was forbidden by the code of assassins, leaving his parents at risk.

The game begins with Wesley dreaming of the murder and he wakes to discover a SWAT team have broken into his house. When they escape he gives chase and the real fun starts.


You begin with just guns firing at the bad guys and as you play through what is, essentially, a tutorial, you are shown new moves/abilities.

For every kill you make you receive a silver bullet icon (up to four) which is traded for skills.

One bullet allows you to curve a shot to hit someone behind an object – very handy. The is done by holding R1 and using the left stick to determine the angle of the shot before releasing R1 to fire.


Two bullets are used to slow down time when moving between cover.

The cover system in Wanted is pretty good and for the most part feels natural enough. You hit x to take cover and then when peeking from the edge hold the left stick in the direction of the next piece of cover. If you can move there an icon will appear – press x again and Wesley will rush to that cover point.

With two bullets you press triangle instead of x and then when Wesley is moving between cover time slows, allowing you to pinpoint and take down any enemies in the open.

It’s been done before but it’s still pretty cool. 😎

If you’re near enough to an enemy you can press circle for an instant close combat kill which comes in handy at times.

There isn’t a great deal of variety in the enemy types but you probably won’t really care as you blow them all away.


Wanted rewards slow, patient play. Blind fire to supress enemies then chuck a curve bullet their way. However there is plenty of scope for some intense shoot outs and the game benefits from it’s linear level design.

The boss battles aren’t particularily taxing and hold few surprises, which is a shame. Some bigger and more challenging bosses might have helped pad the game out a bit.

Sadly Wanted seems to run out steam in the last few levels – viciously repeating the same enemies and surroundings (the bell tower anyone :lol:) but I suppose this is somewhat understandable. Most games have a lull halfway through and Wanted reaches it’s climax just as other games are getting warmed up.

I have yet to see the film but will do, hopefully in the next few weeks, as I would be interested to see Wesley’s development. I didn’t feel any sort of attachment to the characters or the story which is a shame but perhaps stems from the main character’s smug attitude.

The script, and even the level titles, are full of expletives without any real context as to what they are referring to.

Wanted: Weapons Of Fate certainly isn’t a bad game, it’s just that it’s a bit of a one trick pony that’ll be over before you know it.

I think it might’ve been perfect for the PSN store at a price point of around £14.99.

Certainly one to rent, safe in the knowledge you’ll finish it long before it’s due back at the store.

Rating: 7/10


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