X-BOX360 SUXX LOLZ!!!!1111!!!!!


Well as we head towards the game industry’s main event E3, where a plethora of games will be announced/shown, it seems the fanboy wars are heating up again (have they ever died down?).

Quite frankly I find it surprising that most people really care about this sort of thing – I never bought into it even back in the Sega Mega Drive / Super Nintendo days.

I find it a bit embarrassing that rather than focusing on what the console they own is doing a lot of people are more concerned with it’s rival.

Of course I understand the need for the companies to belittle their rivals, they want to sell more consoles and whilst I wholeheartedly agree that Microsoft and Sony pushing each other will benefit us with better products in the long run it just seems a little, well, childish for people to be fighting over which console is better.

It’s all about opinion – is a Yorkie better than a Mars? (Yes by the way 😆 ) These arguments could apply to anything but it’s the style of dialogue, hence the headline of this blog, that condemns the fanboys.

There is no reasoned opinion – hardly ever any concession to the rival and the conversation usually turns to insults pretty quickly.

I have brand loyalty – used to be Sega, now it’s Sony – but I can appreciate what the XBox360 brings to the table. It’s just that what it’s offering doesn’t interest me.


Halo and Gears of War might be amazing games but I can’t imagine they are too dissimilar to Killzone 2 and Uncharted. Different settings and stories yes but enough to switch consoles? Not for me.

People will point to some of the exclusives XBox have had but for a lot of them it’s a timed exclusive and appears on PS3 further down the line. Take Bioshock for example – great game but worth getting an XBox360 for? Not really, it then appeared on Sony’s console the following year.

Microsoft have taken a headstart with DLC (downloadable content) and GTA IV: Lost And Damned has been a success but does anyone really think this won’t appear on the PS3 at some stage? Of course it will.


In the same vein us PS3 owners are getting Ghostbusters earlier than the XBox 360 owners. Well whoopie do. Don’t get me wrong I’m looking forward to the game but why not just release it on all formats at the same time? Money is probably the real answer but it makes no difference to me which consoles it comes out on.

At entry level, despite a few hidden costs, XBox360 is cheaper than PS3 and in today’s climate that will sway plenty of people to the console.

We’re really talking about two different products here – the PS3 is built for the longer term and I suspect it’ll be Microsoft’s next console (in 2011?) that may make people think twice about switching to XBox.

When the time comes that I look at the XBox360 release list with an envious eye I’ll seriously think about switching (and maybe if they do a redesign of the pads for the next console – geez they hurt my hands :mad:)

Essentially it’ll come down to first party exclusives – people will have to make the choice based on what games are coming out exclusively (and I mean full exclusive, not timed) on each console.

Or just buy both. And then shut the hell up 🙂


  1. I have to say, although being brand loyal to nintendo, I actually find the Wii to be rather puny as a games console. Don’t get me wrong, as a mates round let’s have a laugh console, it rocks.
    I am looking forward to the day that I can afford a PS3. Don’t get me wrong, I like the XBOX, but if I’m honest, I find the control pad obnoxiously uncomfortable. It took me literally hours to get used to it enough to competitively play GTA and COD4.

    I think part of the whole fanboy thing is taking the opportunity to feel like part of a clique. Collectively following one thing and smiting all others is something we’ve been doing as far back as history can trace.
    It’s a material religion.

    • Also: massive overuse of phrase “Don’t get me wrong”. C’mon Will. Sort it.

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