My Mum + Exclusivity Question = Win For Mainstream Gaming


Congratulations EA, you have achieved something I thought not possible.

I received an e-mail from my Mum (hi Mum! :smile:) saying it was a shame a certain game was X-Box exclusive otherwise she’d have bought it.

Let me just make this clear my Mother has no interest in games or gaming – she knows the consoles etc as my brothers have PS3’s.

So you’re talking about a complete non-gaming housewife who is now e-mailing me about X-Box exclusivity?! 😮

I reassured her that the game was coming to PS3 and she said in that case she’ll be buying it.

I’m sure you might have already guessed what the game is from the not-so-subtle picture above (clue it ISN’T God Of War 3 :lol:) but in case you haven’t it’s…

Beatles RockBand.

However many millions (and it would be MILLIONS) EA paid to secure this will pale in comparison to the cash they are going to get back.

Because fans of RockBand will buy the £40 game but fans of The Beatles will buy the whole kit (£150 at a guess). Check out the video below – they even have Beatles guitars and drums!!!

Man, I always thought Guitar Hero would win the music game war being the original and, in my opinion, stronger of the two.

But RockBand have totally killed it with this game – we all thought Metallica was a big name to bring to the table for Guitar Hero but The Beatles?


We’re talking about possibly the best known collection of songs ever by arguably the greatest band ever.

And that is where RockBand will win this war – Metalllica is great for guitar fans but The Beatles are so mainstream everyone and their nan (literally in some cases) will be wanting to play this.

Looking forward to teaching my Mum how to play the game, hopefully she’ll be able to play the guitars but if not drums will be fine, after all she can’t be much worse than Ringo, right 😆

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  1. Genius! All it needs now is for Guitar Hero to sign a deal with The Rolling Stones and we’ll have a proper war on our hands. But what then…

    …Blur vs. Oasis
    …David Lee Roth vs. Van Halen
    …Tupac vs. Biggie (think we know how that one ended!)

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