Fight Night Round 4 Demo – Initial Impressions


Well it’s taken long enough! πŸ™‚

Since Round 3’s release back in 2006 boxing fans have been desperate for a new version of Fight Night.

Round 3 was basically just a graphically superior version of the PS2 game and while we were all wowed by the graphics it wasn’t long until we noticed two main flaws with the game:

1) Each knockdown had the same animation set.

2) You could win fights in seconds by using the haymakers – well over powered.

So as I sat waiting for the demo to download last night I had my fingers crossed that these points had been remedied.

Upon loading I’m treated to a trailer explaining what will be in the full game and I have to say it sounds great – especially the career mode and the idea of having champions online that you can challenge if you rank high enough 😎

But back to the demo, first things first we head to the gym for training.

Now the big change as far as I’m concerned is that haymakers are now activated by holding R2 and going through the punch motion rather than dragging the right analogue stick back further before following the punch through like in round 3.


Pushing the stick towards the bottom of the pad now lands body shots.

This for me is a much better system, although I think it’ll take me a while to get used to it – I found myself instinctively trying to pull off haymakers only to punch at my opponents body! πŸ˜†

It means you have a full set of punches at your desposal just on the right analogue stick.

If you do land a haymaker it’ll do more damage than a normal punch but luckily it’s not as devestating as the previous game (where a haymaker followed by one punch was often enough to put you down).

Parrying has gone but blocking remains, as well as leaning. Both of which are used to land counter punches that again do more damage but it’s all down to timing.

Occasionally a counter punch (or just a really good normal one) will stun your opponent – their health will drop to almost zero (flashing red) and it seems geniunely that all they can do is hang in there, blocking, looking for an opportunity to clinch.

Fighters can now get in close and punches aren’t a case of hit or miss – there are glancing blows and each punch is different.

You only have two fighters to choose from in the demo, Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao, but it’s such a step up from Round 3 you’ll be more interested in the game itself.

The demo is limited to 3 rounds and having played maybe 6 or 7 fights only one knockdown has occured (see below).

I suspect fights will last a lot longer in this game and tactics will come into play – especially with the between round RPG element of spending points you’ve earned in the fight on either Stamina, Damage or Health.

For me this looks like a great game and I’ll be interested to have a crack at the career mode.

I remember spending hours on Greatest Heavyweights on the Mega Drive (below) and boxing games have come a long way since then.


I’d recommend downloading this and giving it a try, whether you’re a fan of boxing or not. I’ll certainly be picking up the full game based on this excellent demo.


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