Latest Bug Killer? Patch It Up!


With the advent of online gaming and the wonderful ability to enhance already bought games via updates/patches I had hoped games developers would be putting a lot more thought into their products and planning DLC/features to liven up games.

While this is true for many developers a worrying trend is arising among the rest culminating in Prototype being released this week broken.

And I don’t use the term ‘broken’ lightly. From what I can gather online at the install screen before the game loads up it tells you that you don’t have enough free disk space no matter how much you delete! 😑


The solution, according to Activision’s help page, is to delete a few things or try installing a different game (?!). Eventually you’ll do something to make it work. Sweet Lord they’re not even sure exactly what you have to do.

But they will be releasing a patch to fix it asap.

And there ladies and gents is my problem with all this.

Now I understand that mistakes happen and that a patch may be required to fix it but games are being released littered with bugs (Alone In The Dark, Fallout 3 etc) and then being patched to fix ’em up later (or not in the case of Alone In The Dark :lol:).

I mean look at this video, he’s supposed to be able to climb that rope!!!

But this is different.

It’s not an in game bug – this happens when you install the game. BEFORE. YOU. START. 😑

How could this possibly have not been spotted by the people who’ve been testing the game out.

In this day and age it’s a disgrace this sort of thing could happen – I’ve heard of games freezing up etc but never have I heard of a brand new game that you can’t actually play at all!

I was really looking forward to Prototype and I won’t be boycotting the game or anything like that but it’s made me wonder whether the game will be full of bugs as well 😦

I don’t know who is to blame – the people making the games or the publishers trying to rush them out onto shelves but we shouldn’t be expected to buy a broken product that’ll be ‘fixed with a patch asap.’


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