Guitar Hero – Performance Edging Into The Red?

Guitar Hero

I was very surprised when I checked the Official UK All Formats Games chart last week.

Pleasantly at first as Fight Night Round 4 unexpectedly (for me at least) topped the charts (and also topped both X-Box and Playstation individual charts) – which hopefully means when I get hold of a copy I’ll have plenty of peeps to play against online 🙂

But the real shock came as I read the round up piece at the top of the page – Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits was released?

I have been away on holiday for a week but I don’t recall seeing any advertising for the game? Except the online teaser trailers from a while back.

Not only that but I couldn’t see it on the chart? I checked the Top 10 again… nope. What the?

Then I spotted it. It just about limped into the Top 20! 18th! Jeez, I remember when the new versions of Guitar Hero went straight in at Number 1.

Yes, it’s a game of stuff that was already on PS2 but with full band capabilities. Even so you’d have thought the fans of the game would’ve lapped it up.

Or maybe that’s the problem. Only the hardcore fans will go for a product like this. Mainstream audiences are probably wondering why anyone would pay for the same songs again.

Or it could be the price. Greatest Hits would’ve cleaned up at £24.99 rather than £40.

I certainly don’t think in the current climate that I could justify spending £40 for a game of songs I already own on Guitar Hero.

It seems a lot of people feel the same way.

I certainly don’t think Guitar Hero is about to get booed off stage but is music game fatigue hitting? I imagine the genre will reignite with the release of Beatles Rock Band – but where does that leave Guitar Hero?

Only time will tell what ace (of spades 😆 ) they have up their sleeve but I’m sure they will return bigger and better with the next Guitar Hero proper.

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