Prototype Vs Infamous – (PS3)


This battle has been raging pretty much since footage of both these games were shown and it seems not many people were content to play and enjoy both – there can only be one! (third person superhero action game) 🙂

To get you up to speed in case this is your first visit to the site – I reviewed Prototype here and Infamous here.

I am always a little suspicious of big games that don’t release a demo on the PSN. I’m aware that it can cost companies quite a bit to do so but obviously it can help increase sales… and besides, what have they got to hide?

Prototype was a game I was looking forward to trying before picking it up but there was no demo forthcoming. 😕

It had always looked the more favorable during the build up of the jedi/sith, good/evil style battle between it and Infamous.


With it’s over the top action style and the fact you could run up buildings it looked to have pipped Infamous which seemingly had a slightly more serious tone.

Having now played both I can give my verdict on how both games fair against each other.

Graphically Infamous, despite some ropey cut scenes, beats Prototype which struggles at times – especially with draw distance. Upon climbing a massively tall building in Prototype I looked and could see the first few blocks around me before the rest were a blue haze. As I looked around buildings would appear and disappear at will. In the same situation in Infamous the draw distance was much better and you could really appreciate the city.

Another thing was the buildings – there seemed to be a lot more diversity in Infamous. You found yourself just running up the same buildings over an over in Prototype no matter where in the city you were.


The blood ‘n’ guts and dismemberment was well done in Prototype, Cole’s electrical powers in Infamous lending it a more teen friendly feel.

In terms of mission based gameplay there isn’t much to seperate the two. Both had some great missions (Prototype – taking out the helicopters mission / InFamous – escorting the reapers in custody to jail) and both had some stinkers (Prototype – follow the tank but you can’t attack it until a certain scripted point / Infamous – pretty much anything in the sewers) as you’d expect.

In general gameplay design though Infamous trumps Prototype, despite the latter having lots more moves/powers/upgrades. The reason for that is the Karma moments.

In Prototype you don’t have a say in the story or your character – you just play through and enjoy the devastation. However in Infamous you can make choices and while they don’t affect the story in a major way they do make a difference and certainly your choices shape what form your powers can take.

Which brings me on nicely to the stories themselves. Both games have strong stories but Prototype’s is occasionally muddled and it’s easy to miss something small only to find out it’s a major part of the plot. InFamous’ story was the best I’ve played since Dead Space. I didn’t see the twists coming and by the end I was heavily invested in the characters. While I enjoyed Prototype’s story I never really felt anything for Alex Mercer or the other characters.


One thing that Prototype definitely has over InFamous is the ability to run up buildings and the fact Alex was a whole lot faster than Cole. The building running was a whole lot quicker than Cole’s parkour style climbing. And Alex Mercer’s air dash between glides was also a great mechanic for a flying character. Occasionally Cole was just too slow to get away in InFamous, which was a real pain.

The cities themselves both felt quite lively but while both had been struck with a mysterious virus, Prototype’s felt more apocalyptic whereas InFamous’ seemed to maintain some form of humanity. Possibly this might also have to do with the fact that citizens repsonded to you in InFamous but don’t in Prototype. The public just attack Mercer in a zombie frenzy. In Infamous they either cheer or boo Cole depending on whether you’re good or evil.

The irony of all of these arguments are that both of these games are really good. Certainly if you own a PS3 you should play both if you can.


For me personally Prototype was an ambitious title allowing the player a great deal of freedom but it didn’t quite pull it off. InFamous, and in particular the Karma system, impressed me a lot more and felt like a more complete experience.

The best way to sum it up is in a similar fashion to the conclusion of my Prototype review.

I won’t be playing through Prototype again but would certainly play a sequel if they make one. However as soon as InFamous finished I was already thinking about playing it again and taking the evil path rather than the good one.

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  1. Looking forward to picking up a copy of Prototype (*hint, nudge, wink, say-no-more*) but I really enjoyed inFamous and I think you summed it up pretty well – all I wanted to when I finished the Good path was start the Evil path. Don’t think I’ve ever played a game before that I wanted to continue playing after I finished the solo game…didn’t even get that with GTA IV. inFamous was just fun from beginning to end; Prototype, for the most part, just sounds frustrating.

  2. I still can’t seem to put inFAMOUS down, granted I have yet to play Prototype but its been awhile since any game made me have this reaction.

    Great analysis of the titles — but then again I wouldn’t expect anything less. Keep it up.

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