Transformers – Review (Film)


I do like a big budget, popcorn munching, explosion filled action film. 🙂

So I was quite looking forward to seeing Transformers when it came out. Having been mad on the toys as a youngster it also had that nostalgia factor, which makes us love stuff just that little bit more.

And then I never got round to seeing it and it got mainly poor/average reviews wherever I looked.

Transformers was marked as ‘one for DVD’ and I thought nothing more of it.

Then all of a sudden the second film was coming out and a friend offered to lend me his copy of the first flick.

Even then I didn’t find time for it and ended up converting it so I could watch it on my PSP.

So after putting it off for ages for no good reason I stuck it on today on the journey to and from work… and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Shia LeBeouf has certainly gone up in my estimation, he was excellent here with some great comedic timing, although I remember him being brilliant in ‘Even Stevens’ as well.

It seems like I’m the only straight guy in the world who doesn’t ‘get’ Megan Fox but she was fine here in a role that didn’t require a great deal of her.

The basic premise is that a cube which has great power for Transformers has been lost into space while the Autobots and Decepticons fought over it.

It landed on Earth and now both sets of Transformers turn up looking for it, with the autobots enlisting the help of LeBeouf and Fox to get things sorted.

The transforming is well done and the CGI is pretty impressive. The characters of the Transformers seem to be well thought out except for a few cringey ‘ooh we’re aliens’ bits but there’s nothing new there.


The action sequences were really good and obviously having them transform into vehicles helped to keep things pretty fast paced.

My only negative point would be the length, clocking in at around 2 1/4 hours when in my opinion 2 hours would’ve been more than enough.

This was a fun, loud film which doesn’t do anything groundbreaking but will be enjoyed by families everywhere.

I look forward to the sequel… when I get round to watching it. 😆

Rating: 7/10

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