Resistance Retribution – Review (PSP)


Having played and enjoyed the two PS3 Resistance games (reviewed here for the Top 100: Resistance: Fall Of Man and here in full: Resistance 2) I was really pleased when they announced a PSP Resistance game.

I was even more pleased when it was confirmed as third person (first person doesn’t really work on PSP) and soon the screenshots came out looking great.

As I fired it up I’ll admit I was excited. The game bridges the events between the two PS3 games across the other side of the world and into Europe.

You control James Grayson – a deserter in the British Army who has a break down after being forced to kill his brother, who was infected with the Chimera virus.

Grayson’s expertise in Chimera Conversion facilities sees him get a shot at redemption and a chance to avenge his brother’s death.

For a PSP game this is big stuff. The cut scenes are high quality, certainly as good if not better than most PS2 games and the script is pretty strong despite a few forced ‘Britishisms’ from the main character.

ResistancePSP 2

The graphics in game are really good as well and Resistance has little trouble in putting five or six enemies on screen at one time with no sign of slow down. Impressive.

Controls take a while to get used to (stick to move, face buttons to aim) but once you get the hang of it it’s the closest we’ll get to a second stick. Changing weapons with the d-pad can be a chore if you’re also running using the stick but it’s a minor inconvienience.

The levels are actually quite long for a portable game, especially as checkpoints don’t save your progress. The game saves at the end of each chapter. This was a real gripe for me as it meant if a level was 40 mins you had to, effectively, play it in one go as getting up to the third or fourth checkpoint then powering down would mean starting the whole level again 😡

A bad design oversight in my opinion, surely it wouldn’t have been too hard to be able to save wherever you wanted? Or at least at the checkpoints?

The score and general sound effects were really good, I enjoyed the way some of the music really ratcheted up the tension – particularily during boss battles.

The weapons were as inventive as ever, I loved the chaingun – especially as it also had a shield! 🙂

ResistancePSP 3

Some of the levels were very frustrating, be prepared to die quite a few times on some of them, though it’s often a case of rethinking your strategy and maybe using a different approach.

Resistance Retribution is a most welcome addition, not only to the PSP, but also to the Resistance universe. This is definitely up there among the best PSP games I’ve played.

There is even a mode where you can connect your PSP to your PS3, load up Resistance 2 and ‘infect’ your PSP. Grayson becomes infected and some of the cut scenes and character responses to you change. It’s a nice touch.

In fact if it wasn’t for the frustration caused by the lack of proper save points this would probably have got a 9.

Rating 8/10

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