Fools Gold – Review (Film)


One of my guilty pleasure films is ‘How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’ starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. And it was the promise of that kind of chemistry that tempted me into giving ‘Fools Gold’ a spin, despite pretty negative reviews across the board.

Ben Finnegan (McConaughey) is being divorced by his wife Tess (Hudson) after years of treasure hunting together. He barely makes it to the divorce hearing on time but gets a chance to tell Tess about his latest discovery – a piece of a plate that was aboard a Spanish fleet of ships carrying treasure in the 1700’s.

And so begins what I imagine is supposed to be an Indiana Jones/Romancing The Stone type affair but what it is in fact, a predictable and fairly pointless film.


Firstly, I can’t stand it when they use semi famous (or famous for that matter) actors in a context whereby it would’ve been better using local actors.

‘Cock-er-nee geezer’ Ray Winstone plays Finnegan’s American treasure hunter rival Mo. I’ve nothing against Ray Winstone but his accent was terrible. Why couldn’t a) he have used his normal accent or b) the makers just used an American actor.

Same goes for the two Jamacian ‘stooges’ of one of the bad guy characters (one of whom is Theo from the Cosby show). Could they not find two decent Jamacian actors? Seriously.

And why make poor old Ewan Bremner Ukranian? The US audience would’ve had enough trouble with his Scottish brogue never mind East Europe via Scotland.

The script is funny is places but it’s all so obvious it’s almost insulting.

The millionaire’s daughter Gemma (Alexis Dziena) is pretty much a waste of everybody’s time although I did think the two gay chefs were fairly amusing.


The chemistry between McConaughey and Hudson just doesn’t seem to be there – at least not in the same strength as ’10 Days.’

Fool’s Gold probably could’ve been a clever little treasure hunter movie with a different cast. It looks gorgeous – the locale around Southern Australia is amazing – and it really captures the beauty of the area.

As events take a slightly more gritty turn in the last 20 minutes or so things improve but really that just enforced the feeling that this could’ve been a much better film with a little more edge.

Rating: 5/10

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