GregHorrorShow’s Top 100 Games: 60 – 51

Heavenly Sword Main

Here we go, 60-51 in GregHorrorShow’s Top 100 Games!

A quick recap on how I decided who came where:

I decided, as so many games mean so many different things to me, I should come up with a fair way to judge them. This is what I came up with:

Time Spent Playing




Ground Breaking?

A few provisos before we hit the next ten games…

Firstly this is my list of my Top 100 games. I certainly don’t expect you guys to agree with it (though hopefully you’ll agree with some of the choices 😆 ) and would welcome any comments.

Secondly, I’m not planning on putting the scores or totals up, just listing the games in the order they came out in.

Lastly, I never owned a Nintendo or Microsoft console so my experiences on these games were limited to friend’s houses etc – bite me 🙂

Let’s crack on with the next ten…


60. PAPERBOY (ZX Spectrum)


I reckon most people in the world have played Paperboy, with it’s near crushingly difficult streets and inhabitants. This is one of those games that will have you screaming in frustration one moment and celebrating a perfect delivery in the next. There are objects flying at you from every direction and all you’re trying to do is deliver the papers. Also loved the training sections at the end with the ramps etc. A nice slice of gaming history.


59. RAINBOW SIX VEGAS 2 (Playstation 3)

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was a great follow up title featuring more of the same tactical SWAT style shenanigans. If you like your shooters fast and furious (ala Killzone 2) then this won’t be for you. Methodical planning and several ways to strike make this a tactical dream. But it’s still a FPS at heart and there are a few frantic firefights waiting for you as you return to the Strip.


58. HEAVENLY SWORD (Playstation 3)

Heavenly Sword

Heavenly Sword was supposed to be THE game to showcase the power of the PS3. But somehow everyone got caught up in how good Nariko’s hair looked and the game got itself some lukewarm reviews, with it’s short length (5 Hours) cited as a problem. For me this was a fun hack n slash that actually did a few bits better than the genre defining God Of War games (combos for a start). Yes it was short but it was really enjoyable and the cut scene graphics still rank up there as among the best I’ve seen. Worth checking out, especially as you can get it for about a tenner now.


57. STREET FIGHTER IV (Playstation 3)

Street Fighter IV

As comebacks go Street Fighter IV has to be up there with the best of them. Other than Mortal Kombat  nothing had come close to touching Street Fighter II for years – Tekken on the PSOne was the most fun following SF II but we all knew Ryu and co. wouldn’t be beaten. So imagine our surprise when the trailer for SF IV turned up. Sweet artistic graphics? Check. Decent roster of old and new characters? Check. Same move sets but with a few added extras? Check. Street Fighter IV is one of the best looking fighting games ever. And the fact they retained the move sets means anyone who has ever played Street Fighter II can pick this up and get involved straight away.


56. DESERT STRIKE (Sega Mega Drive)

Desert Strike

Desert Strike sees you piloting a helicopter on covert missions in the Middle East. Whether it’s blowing up satellites or rescuing M.I.A’s (soldiers Missing In Action, not the pop star 🙂 ) you will have a blast. Using a mixture of machine gun, rockets and hellfires (big rockets 😆 ) you will be tasked with all sorts of missions. The ‘copter was a bitch to control most of the time but that only made it more fun; seeing yourself bounce off a building as you reverse at full speed always raised a chuckle. Memories of my Dad being up until 3am playing this also raise a smile 😀



Captain Commando

For years this was known as the ‘game with the baby, y’know, the baby in the robot suit’ by me and my brother – much to the confusion of 99% of people we were trying to explain it to. This arcade machine suddenly appeared in a local shop one day and once we played it we were hooked. It’s essentially a re-skinned Final Fight but with the added bonus of being able to use ED-209 style bots throughout the levels. Oh and did I mention the BABY IN A ROBOT SUIT! 😎


54. MIRROR’S EDGE (Playstation 3)

Mirrors Edge

I completely applaud EA for putting this title out and trying something new. This is a game that is totally first person (while you play) but involves very little shooting and lots of parkour and hand to hand combat. It’s not often a company will take a punt on something as ambitious as this and it has it’s problems but Mirror’s Edge has a lot of heart and it was a great gaming experience – possibly one that might shape future first person games so that they aren’t all shooters.


53. ROBOCOP (ZX Spectrum)

Robocop ZX

Man, I loved Robocop on the ZX Spectrum. Shooting criminals, then putting together photofit ID’s of them. Then shooting some more… This was one of those games that looked amazing in the arcade and… quite frankly didn’t on Spectrum. However the gameplay was there and I spent a lot of time on the streets, trying to wipe out the OCP scum 😎



Space Invaders

Another classic like Pacman – the gameplay of this title is almost ingrained in our pysche. Defending yourself from the hoardes of aliens, while trying no to shoot at your own shields is one of the most basic yet fulfilling gaming experiences. This was back in the days when there weren’t levels as such, or an end to the game. It was all about the points. And they were there to be racked up in Space Invaders, as you faced huge numbers of enemies. There’s something almost tragic in the fact that basically you can’t survive the invasion – it’s just a case of fighting them off for as long as possible before dying as they take over 😥


51. RACE DRIVER: GRID (Playstation 3)


Race Driver GRID is one of the best driving games on the market and featured a revolutionary new gameplay mechanic enabling drivers to rewind the race (up to 4 times) and effectively have another go at that tricky corner or overtaking manouvre. It really does bring a whole new dimension to the gameplay, making people more likely to take risks and therefore have more exciting races. The graphics of the game itself are really impressive and the crash mechanics are up there with the Motorstorm series. The World Tour mode is very deep and offers plenty of different options. Definitely one to pick up if you don’t already own.


So there we go, we’re at the halfway stage!!

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    Looking forward to the next 50!

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