Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Review (PS3)


Well it’s taken a couple of decades but my dream of becoming a fully fledged Ghostbuster is now a reality 😎

After a shaky beginning which saw it cast off by Activision and almost dropped by Atari, Ghostbusters: The Video Game was released last month on PS3 with some fanfare and mainly positive reviews.

The game’s plot is essentially the third movie – set in 1991 you’re a rookie who’s been drafted in to help with the ever increasing ghost workload. A huge paranormal blast sets off a chain of events that only one group of guys can deal with…


You can tell pretty much immediately if you’re going to like this game by the opening sequence – if it has you excitedly purring and feeling the pull of nostalgia then you will love this game. If it doesn’t… well you might still enjoy it but you’re a lot more likely to notice the flaws the game has.

And there are certainly flaws – at one stage in the library level the screen repeatedly froze/unfroze every few seconds for around 20 seconds. Very annoying and fairly unforgivable in most games but shortly afterwards I was back blasting ghosts with my proton pack and that little problem was forgotten.

I didn’t find it annoying as I love the soundtrack but there are only about three tracks here that play all the time. I know some people were angry about that but as I said it didn’t bother me.

One thing that did become tiresome was a lack of direction whereby the game expects you to work out what to do/where to go using the PKE Meter and a little common sense. This is fine within buildings or smaller areas but in some of the larger, open areas it was a real pain – the cemetary in particular really raised the old blood pressure.


The loading screens when you die are lengthy which is a real pain and often you have to start a way back from where you actually died. One of my friends actually warned me that I’d die loads so I should get used to seeing the loading screen quite a bit. So I took a decision that I feel made the game a lot more enjoyable.

I started it again on easy. Yep it’s probably a cop out and hardcore gamers everywhere are choking on their headsets as they read this but… Ghostbusters: The Video Game is more of an experience than a game (ironically enough given it’s title) and perhaps because of my love for the characters I just wanted to embrace this game and enjoy the ride.

Sure it was easier – I mean I still got taken down plenty but didn’t fully die – and man was it fun.

And that for me is what the game is all about. Sure younger gamers will play it and enjoy it but for us folks who remember the films, who had the toys… My brother and I had plastic proton packs and traps when we were kids. Running in the garden pretending to capture ghosts – I smiled so much my face almost split the first time I blasted and trapped a ghost in this game. 🙂


You use the PKE Meter to root out trouble and if you scan the ghosts as well you can access Tobin’s Spirit Guide, which I used to read in the weekly comic when I was a kid *geeks out*, to give you information on the ghosts including their weaknesses.

A few old favourites return and taking down the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is one of my happiest gaming memories of recent times. My fellow ‘Busters were shouting at me to use a specific weapon to kill him but I didn’t listen and just keep on blasting him with the proton stream for ages before eventually finishing him off.

Online is pretty cool with several different variations (for example Containment where the Ghostbusters battle between themselves to make the most money by trapping ghosts, or Survival – which pits the ‘Busters as a team fending on wave after wave of ghosts 😎 ) and while I don’t think it’ll be something I play loads online it certainly has enough about it for me to maybe stick on every now and then. And for online you get to be one of the original Ghostbusters rather than the rookie – even better.

For me Ghostbusters was a short (5 hour) game that had me chuckling and geeking out despite it’s flaws – it won’t be to everyone’s tastes and, in what I imagine will be a one off, I’m rating this game on a double scale…

Overall Rating: 8/10

‘If You Love Ghostbusters’ Rating: 9/10

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