Batman Arkham Asylum – Demo Impressions (PS3)


I’ve said it before but I’ve never been a big comic fan and while I can tell you who a lot of the recognizable characters are, it’s not a media I’m familiar with.

However basing a game on the Batman comic rather than tying it in with a film seems like a no brainer to me – you can come up with a more flexible plot and include as many characters from that universe as you want.

So I was looking forward to Batman Arkham Asylum, especially once it became clear that the developer had done a great job on the look and feel of the game.


The first thing I noticed, after the brilliant opening cinematic, was how tight the camera was to Batman – tighter I think than even Resident Evil 4, which was firmly over Leon’s shoulder.

As someone who likes to utilise the camera to check out my surroundings this caused a few minor issues further into the demo. As I say nothing major but meant a few times I was looking at the wall instead of my opponents.

The combat felt suitably heavy, with every punch and kick landing solidly and I liked the slow mo counter moves which reminded me of the takedowns from The Bourne Conspiracy.

The only problem was repetition, essentially the same moves over again – particularily silent takedowns – but I expect you’ll unlock more moves and different move sets as you progress through the game.


I liked the detective angle – pressing L2 takes you into a sort of x-ray mode where things of interest and enemies are highlighted.

Hopefully it’ll be one of things that’s cool to use to set up attacks on your enemies but that you don’t need all the time.

It’s a fairly short demo (around 10 minutes) and while it hasn’t blown me away as much as I hoped, Batman Arkham Asylum is definitely something I’ll pick up to playthrough – just not necessarily upon release.



  1. Having played it a couple more times, I think my underwhelmed impression of this demo was that it was so short.

    Thinking over it again, I’m really excited about this title and looking forward to my trip to Arkham.

  2. […] word for it; download the demo and decide how excited you should be for yourself. Or you can read GameHorrorShow’s impression of the PS3 […]

  3. […] start getting into the nitty gritty let me just say that the finished game is miles better than the Demo. I can see with the demo that they were trying to show combat and stealth but believe me it all […]

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