Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow – Review (PSP)


I really enjoyed Syphon Filter back in the PSOne days so I didn’t hesitate to pick up the two PSP games when they arrived.

Having played Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror on PSP last year (didn’t review it as it was in the days before this blog: nutshell – great game 8/10) I was looking forward to getting stuck into Logan’s Shadow.

After playing the first level I was distracted by Football Manager, which was followed by Resistance: Retribution. On the plus side Retribution was made by the Syphon Filter guys so coming back to Logan’s Shadow was like coming home πŸ™‚


Obviously with Shadow being released back in 2007 and Retribution coming earlier this year they had plenty of time to improve on things.

This was almost like taking a step back as the graphics and AI suffered, particularily the enemies who most of the time just stood in the open shooting, occasionally taking cover.

That’s not to say it totally hampered my enjoyment of the game, just that it was more noticeable having playing Retribution.

I still got a kick out of chucking the thermal goggles on, lining up a shot then poking my head round the corner and taking an enemy out 😎

And Syphon Filter is all about the gadgets, whether it’s goggle based (thermal/night vision etc) or weapon based (silencers/tasers etc) you’ll find plenty of inventive ways to take your opponents down.


My favourite was the sniper rifle with custom dart bullets. You fire once to hit them with the dart, then press fire again to activate it. So you have poisonious gas, electric taser and explosive darts – all pretty sweet really.

Boss battles were a disappointment, a problem that lingers from the first PSP game (but I’m pleased to say was vastly improved in Resistance: Retribution). Far too easy with only two of the five having any enjoyment at all.

The storyline is the usual convaluted mix of terrorists and going rogue after being taken off duty by ‘the man.’ All good though and fits in nicely with the espionage theme.

Overall this was a nicely paced, enjoyable game and a worthy follow up to the initial PSP game. I would really like to see them continue with Syphon Filter, whether it’s on PSP or even PS3, and hopefully Gabe Logan will be back on our (small) screens soon.

Rating: 8/10


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