Battlefield 1943 – Demo Impressions (PS3)


I’d heard a lot of good things about the new PSN game Battlefield 1943 – Hollow Snake even went as far as buying the full game 😮 which is rare (it might even be a first?) for a PSN title.

So I downloaded the trial version to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised.

Essentially a first person shooter with vehicle access Battlefield 1943 is a solid game with some nice mechanics.

Obviously the demo isn’t the full game so I don’t know what sort of maps etc you have on the final version but the map we were using seemed a little bit too big for 7v6, although being able to use vehicles (jeeps, tanks and planes) obviously helps with that.

The on foot gameplay is pretty good, they don’t seem to gone for realism (you can run indefintely) but that makes a nice change. The weapons feel suitably weighty and old skool which was nice. I had to lower the sensitivity almost to zero though as I found it too fast on default.


You have a choice of Rifleman (long range), Infantry (short range) or scout (sniper). The sniper wasn’t effective at all for me but that is probably because of the small amount of people playing. I preferred the rifleman because of the power of the gun.

All class types have a secondary weapon whether it’s a grenade launcher or rocket launcher.

The vehicles are easy to drive once you get the hang of them, though having accelerate and brake on the same side (L1 / L2) made it a tad difficult at first. The jeep and tank were your standard fare and the plane was just the right side of challenging to fly and will need practice to perfect.

The max game size is 12v12 which sounds small but will probably be as chaotic as needed.

I liked the demo of Battlefield 1943 – not enough to purchase the full game – but perhaps a few more rounds on the demo may change my mind.



  1. Pretty accurate review, mate – I still can’t control the frickin’ planes!

    You’re right, it’s the first full title I’ve bought for cash-money from the PSN. And at £9.99 ($14.99) I think it’s a bargain, especially when you consider that it’s the equivalent to 80% of a full retail title but at quarter of the price.

    Why haven’t I bought a PSN title til now? Well, compared to Xbox Live Arcade, I think the line-up of PSN titles has been a little lack-luster to say the least. With XBLA already having Turtles In Time: Reshelled and the awesome looking Shadow Complex coming soon, PSN, in my opinion, still has a long way to go to compete. But with Fat Princess looking pretty cool (although not worth £11.99) and other titles announced for later on in the year, hopefully they’ll start to catch up in 2010.

    If nothing else, Battlefield 1943 is great online game that will tide me over until Modern Warfare 2 comes out.

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