Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood – Demo Impressions (PS3)


It’s not often a demo arrives much later than the game itself but last week Call Of Juarez popped up on the PSN Store and I thought I’d check it out.

I’d seen various previews/reviews for the game and had been interested to give it a try.

I’m still more excited by Red Dead Redemption but after playing through the demo Call Of Juarez seems like a good game to play while we’re waiting.

The game tells the story of the McCall Brothers, Ray and Thomas, and you get to play as both throughout the game (though not in the demo – you just get one).

The first thing I noticed was that both L1 and R1 were fire, as you often wield a weapon in each hand. This took a little while to get used to but was pretty deadly once you got the hang of it.


The game is played from a first person viewpoint and the setting was impressive – exactly the sort of stuff you’d want in a western.

The level you play is pretty much just the tutorial and shows off the game’s clever ideas with regards to combat.

You have ‘concentration mode’ (bullet time) in which you ‘paint’ (highlight by aiming at) as many enemies as you can while the bar runs down. Once the time has elasped you will fire all the bullets in your guns and instantly kill whoever you aimed at. This was great fun and made you feel like an old skool cowboy! 😎

You also have a team version of this where you and you brother will, say, storm through a door and combine you efforts – effectively killing everything in the room.


My favourite part of the whole demo though was right at the end where you get to duel with somebody.

The view suddenly shifts to low behind you, focused on your enemy but with your lower arm and gun in sight.

You use the analogue stick to move your hand towards your gun – not too close to it though – and you can step side to side to keep your opponent in your sights.

When the bell sounds it’s first to his gun and you get the chance to aim in slo-mo, though you’ll still need to be quick otherwise your opponent will take you down.

Call Of Juarez was a really cool demo, a little on the short side but I suppose with the game already out they did enough to show you what the gameplay was all about.

Maybe not enough for me to get the full game at this stage but it’s certainly one I might pick up in the future.


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  1. I liked it but to me the controls and gunfights felt a bit sloppy like something out of Unreal Tournament where you’re supposed to be just blasting everywhere at all times. Also they certainly went overboard with the depth of field effects .

    Still I thought the quick-draw duel at the end was a great alternative to QTEs and I probably just need more practice with the reloading mechanics and whatnot.

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