Music And Lyrics – Review (Film)


Music and Lyrics tells the story of faded 80’s pop icon (Hugh Grant) Alex Fletcher, whose career has gone into freefall but who ends up with another shot when a new hit singer asks him to compose a track for her.

He was always good with melody but not lyrics and a chance meeting with Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), who arrives at his flat to water his plants, leads to the two of them trying to get the song finished in an increasingly tight deadline.

First up, I’m not a Hugh Grant fan. I liked Notting Hill but I haven’t seen a great deal of his films and as he seems to play the same character in everything I don’t think I’ve missed much. 😉 However I thought he was pretty good here and the role suited him well.


Drew Barrymore played Sophie well but the scene stealer for me was Kristen Johnston as Sophie’s elder sister Rhonda, who had been in ‘love’ with Alex from his Pop days and was a huge fan of the band. The over the top mannerisms and spot on acting really perked the film up.

They did a great job of parodying both 80’s pop music and the current day trend with singer Cora Corman (played by Haley Bennett) pretty much nailing her character as a mix of Britney/Christina/Shakira etc.

I’m a bit of sucker for a good rom com and Music and Lyrics certainly fits that bill. It was a touch lightweight in places and it was definitely more of a gentle comedy than anything else but some good performances and a fairly clever use of a typical 80’s icon status helped it along and raised it above the last few films of this genre I’d seen.

Rating: 7/10

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